Cream Skin is the NEW Glass Skin

  • By Claire A.

Looking to change up your skin-care regimen minus the hassle of a time-consuming routine (*cough* glass skin)? Then say no more! Introducing the new skincare trend hailing all the way from South Korea: “Cream Skin.” Aside from feeding on our K-life pursuits like K-dramas and K-pop contents, it’s inevitable that we won’t fall into the world of K-beauty as well.

Skincare has always played a huge part in the culture of South Korea. It’s not just a fad or a spur of the moment, it’s a way of life! When we see our favorite kpop stars or kdrama actors and actresses on screen, you can’t help but notice how their skin just radiate #skingoals! It motivates you to achieve even that remotely close to their poreless and translucent skin. But the thing with achieving the ideal Korean #skingoals, it takes a LOT of work and dedication. It's not something that you accomplish overnight. Also, YES there will be splurging involved but at the end, you’ll see that it was all worth it once you see the results.

photo from Laneige KR

So... what is cream skin? Cream Skin helps you to achieve a healthy, luminous skin that leaves you with a light, feathery feeling. Focusing on one main formula, this product is a spin-off of a toner and a moisturizer-in-one, making this skincare trend a holy grail for all the lazy girls and guys out there! According to Charlotte Co, co-founder of Soko Glam, Cream Skin is both a concept and a look that can be achieved by ditching the lengthy 10-step routine. With the appearance of a lightweight, watery texture, this formula will absorb quickly into your skin, for that healthy glow up!

With the cream skin trend, you won’t be compromising anything as you’ll be able to get the benefits of longer lasting hydration-retention and the help of the cream texture which locks in moisture. It’s skincare that combines two amazing benefits in one product that really works! You can finally achieve the secret to that milky, soft skin that both South Korea’s darling, artist IU and South Korean actress, Kim Yoojung (Love in the moonlight, Backstreet Rookie) emanates. Both of them are definitely making us jelly with their baby looking and flawless skin.

Photo from: dlwlrma/instagram and BS TODAY

K-beauty doesn’t need to be a luxury. This skincare trend saves you the trouble of getting a separate toner and moisturiser. You’ll only need to get one. I’d say that’s a win-win! Finally, you can save some money in the long run. Reward yourself by buying those Kpop albums or merch that you’ve been eyeing on for a long time now. Some of the Korean brands who are pioneering this trend to help you achieve that soft, supple, moisturized-looking skin is Laneige and their Cream Skin refiner. The product that started it all! This product hydrates deeply into the skin and it's so lightweight, just pat on your skin after cleansing and you’re good to go!

Photo from Laneige Korea

There is also COSRX, known for their innovative products that doesn’t hurt your wallet as much. Their wide range of products, which are known for their gentle ingredients, target your specific skin concerns and allow consumers to diversify with their approach on K-beauty. Their formula for this toner-to-cream is lightweight and watery and sinks well into your skin without that icky greasy feeling.

Photo from COSRX

The Cream skin trend approach also gives our skin a chance to breathe from the many steps and serums required for glass skin. What’s amazing about K-beauty is that it’s so diverse, you can always discover brands and products, doing trial and error to see what works best for you! K-beauty also emphasizes the importance of Self-care, how it's important to feel beautiful and comfortable with your own skin. It supports our efforts on showing a positive image of a healthy-looking complexion, just like what the cream skin trend is aiming for. I think that’s the ultimate #skingoals that we should work towards. With the fast paced lifestyle the world lives in today, it's always exciting how trends from South Korea always find new ways to evolve and revolutionize products and skincare itself. Making your K-life better as we know it!