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5 Famous Korean Dishes That Has Everybody Craving

Grab your banana milk and sit tight. We're about to lure you into the world of K-food.

  • Alyssa Kristine Bernardo


Watching K-dramas would later on feel like a mukbang marathon, what with all the delicious dishes they serve. Seeing it before your very eyes is one thing, but prowling the streets of Seoul is another. Everywhere you go there are food stands, restaurants, and amazing food smells wafting in the cold air. And while we can’t travel right now, the good news is Korean food is easily accessible with delivery services right at our fingertips. Here, a list of the top Korean dishes and where to find them.

Tteokbokki & Odeng

A classic street food staple, tteokbokki and odeng is the perfect combo! It's a heavy snack made up of rice cakes and fish cakes floating in a soup of sweet and spicy goodness. Though it's commonly seen in the streets, this dish was originally served in the royal household during the Joseon dynasty.

Eat this during: Merienda time! Remember to add cheese to balance the spiciness of the dish.

Order at: Assi Fresh Plaza via FoodPanda


If you want something healthy, filling, and easy to make, your best bet is bibimbap. It's a rice dish with mixed vegetables, often made from leftover banchan (side dishes). Bibimbap was said to have originated from farmers who needed to make a quick and cheap meal after working in the fields.

Eat this during: Lunch or in between online classes. Bibimbap is a quick rice bowl dish perfect for your busy school days.

Order at: Giyummy Korean Restaurant via FoodPanda

Korean BBQ

From its early tribal origins, Korean barbecue has become a hit all over the world. It's not so much a dish as it's a method of cooking (grilling meat) but it's pretty much an umbrella term for dishes like bulgogi, galbi, and samgyupsal. Korean barbecue is usually made from marinated or unseasoned beef and is eaten with lettuce or rice and banchan.

Eat this during: Family dinner. You’ll never go wrong with K-BBQ on a Friday night with your parents and sibs.

Order at: Samgyupkart via Lalafood


Chimaek is an abbreviated form of Chicken and Maekju (beer), a combo that's made popular by Korean dramas. This K-food staple highlights Korea's drinking culture, where people usually consume fried chicken with beer while watching games. This rose in popularity during the Korea-Japan World Cup in 2002 and has since been a mainstay in Korean restaurant menus all over the world.

Eat this during: A late night K-drama marathon on a Saturday night. After a long week of studying, you deserve chicken and beer while unwinding at home.

Order at: Yum Yum Chicken PH via Lalafood

Ramyeon & Jiggae

My first winter in Korea was made bearable by soup-based Korean foods like ramyeon and jiggae. Ramyeon is spicy instant noodle soup with veggies—easily available in supermarkets and convenience stores. Jiggae, on the other hand, is South Korea’s version of a stew. It comes with meat or seafood and vegetables in a broth that’s best served piping hot.

Eat this during: Rainy, #WalangPasok days. The hot soup will warm your body and the spiciness of the dish will keep you energized throughout the day.

Order at: Yedang Korean Restaurant via Lalafood