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Here's How I Got Into Korean Dramas and Why I’m Still Hooked On It

K-Drama made me want to pursue acting!

  • Katrina Noble, Content Creator, and K-Influencer


I got exposed to Korean dramas at a very young age. I remember seeing episodes of Lovers in Paris and Princess Hours randomly on TV and it got me curious about Asian shows. While I have ABS-CBN and my family of Hallyu lovers to thank for my early introduction to Korean content, it was because of Shin Min Ah and Lee Seung Gi that I got hooked on watching K-Dramas. I can still recall sporting the iconic Miho ponytail and sitting in front of the TV with my male cousins while watching full episodes of My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho. I was 11 years old, a 5th grader, and it was the very first K-Drama series that I watched from start to finish. Since then I've seen the drama three times and I still get all the feels whenever I rewatch it.

Back then, I had to download each episode in four parts through popular sites like Gooddrama.net. That or wait for the Tagalized dub on TV, or scourge for pirated copies for Php 50 with my friends. K-Drama fans have since come a long way. We now have tons of Korean series on streaming apps like Netflix, iFlix, and Viu. Buying DVDs and merchandise straight from Korea isn't as impossible as it was before, and we’ve also witnessed fan events in Manila featuring the biggest stars in K-Dramaland. Of course, we can't go out and meet our beloved actors and actresses now due to the pandemic, but at least we're a lot more connected now than we've ever been before and we have technology to thank for that.

A lot of people ask me where this fascination for Korean TV series stems and I run the risk of writing a novel if I were to tell you every reason now. But to put it simply, it's because of the life lessons I've learned from each drama that made me stay. K-Dramas can connect with its audience and showcase different perspectives on various topics and issues. Sure, most K-dramas have the same plot and run with familiar tropes. Some drama roles are played by the same actors, but the personas and stories are always different. These shows have represented people from different walks of life. I have watched K-Dramas that highlight the life of TV writers, reporters, detectives, police, families in the 80s and 90s, doctors, actors, students, teachers, and many more.

For instance, director Shin Won Ho's best works (Reply series and Prison Playbook) taught me how to appreciate my life and my family more. It taught me a lot about living in the present with no regrets. Like the characters in my favorite dramas, I also want to keep that burning passion of youth in my heart and experience a lot of things at my age--except of course going to prison.

Some of the other K-Dramas I've seen that have become super memorable to me include My Love From The Star, Scarlet Heart Ryeo, Fight For My Way, and Coffee Prince, all of which taught me the importance of passion, hard work, and determination.

Because of my love for K-Dramas, I was able to discover what I want to do in my life. I want to pursue acting and I want to be part of a creative team for film and drama productions. It has inspired me to become a YouTube content creator and a K-Influencer through my social media platform K-Style.

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