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Getting My Hallyu Fix With Smart Gigafest

What a time to be alive for Hallyu fans!

  • By Ela Montierro, Writer


For the past few months, K-Pop and K-Dramas have been a fixture in the media that I consume. Whenever I feel a tad bit sad and under the weather, I listen to songs by my favorite groups and soloists or binge a show that would make me feel in tune with my emotions. This may be a typical take, but my recent favorites happen to be: 1) the romantic drama Crash Landing On You that starred Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin, and 2) probably the biggest boy band in the world right now, BTS.

So when Smart announced that they will be holding exclusive streaming for the iHeart Radio Festival AND the first-ever Korean Film Festival, it suddenly didn’t feel like I was trapped in the same four walls for the past 7 months. In fact, it made me feel closer to the stars I’ve only ever adored on the small screen.

Excitedly, I subscribed to Smart’s GIGA Video + All Net promo for the time and managed to catch my favorite group perform their latest single “Dynamite”. There was no denying that their latest single is such a feel-good song and has this really great vibe to it. Seeing them perform it live gives my ARMY heart such great joy. Let’s be honest, BTS’ vocals are godly especially when their performance is live. Pair that with their latest single’s bright and bubbly concept, and even non-fans are sure to be hyped. The rest of the line-up did not disappoint as well, and it was so great to hear the respective performances of Alicia Keys, Khalid, and Coldplay.

And as if my love for Hallyu cannot get any bigger, the events lined up were simply the best. Being able to attend the first-ever Korean Film Festival organized by the Korean Cultural Center of the Philippines (KCC) in the safety and comfort of my own home was definitely an experience to remember. Smart teamed up with the KCC, giving Filipino fans and film buffs the chance to easily access and support the movies of their favorite Hallyu stars. The line-up consisted of films that starred Hyun Bin (The Swindlers, Confidential Assignment), Son Ye-Jin (Be With You, The Last Princess), and Park Seo-Joon (Midnight Runners, The Beauty Inside). As I already had my prepaid subscription, streaming has never been easier. An easy favorite was Park Seo-Joon’s ‘The Beauty Inside’. Even though his screen time was limited, the film’s unique take on the premise of the romance undoubtedly made it one of the best remakes, maybe even better than the original. It didn’t hurt that the movie also graced us with other Hallyu royalty like Lee Dong-wook, Seo Kang-joon, and Park Shin-hye.

Despite the challenges that 2020 has given, there has never been a greater time to be a Hallyu fan. With all the available services that make it much more convenient to feel closer to the stars we adore and love, we really have no choice but to stan.