Filipino ARMYs Go the Extra Mile for Their Passions and Advocacies!

  • By Kendra N.

From their humble beginnings as K-pop trainees to their spectacular, record-breaking stages, BTS has not only conquered the world but the hearts of many ARMYs. The K-pop phenoms have immensely influenced their fans to be the best versions of themselves through their inspiring music and unique personalities. BTS ARMYs know from the get-go that behind every BTS’ hyper-creative music video that captivate us overnight, is an underlying message that makes us coming back for more as we dig further into the fandom hole.

For most ARMYs, BTS is more than just their favorite K-pop group. They are their heroes in finding the sanctuary for self-love. With the messages that the group conveys throughout their music, whether it be tackling a social issue or their hardships in the industry, BTS’ voice has become intrinsic for ARMYs to gravitate towards purpose-driven initiatives for the community. These are small, impactful advocacies propelled by their passion for these seven, talented individuals and the stories they tell alone.

We asked a few Filipino ARMYs who willingly shared their love for BTS, and how they were able to channel their inspiration to make a difference in their little ways.

What made you like BTS?

Raever: Their music! Their love for their fans. Their personalities, every member has a unique personality and you can see that they’re genuine people.

Source: Raever Callejo

Jovie: Their dorkiness, talent, and amazing performances made me like them, and as time goes by, their sincerity and love for their fans really made me love them more.

Gian: I love how authentic they are. I mean everything we see on them is real. They aren’t afraid to show the real side of them, be it ugly or nice. I love how real they are, and that even after all the fame and fortune, they remained as the BTS that I have known back then.

Source: Gian Macandog

Have you been part of any purpose-driven movement led by BTS ARMYs? Can you share your experience with us?

Jovie: Yes, I have! I am a member of Team AGTJ which organizes different charitable events since 2019. Our page, Army Wings PH (Army Wings PH | Facebook), also does some charitable work such as donating stuff to our chosen beneficiary. I also support different projects of other fanbases by donating and helping them spread the word for their projects. My team and I organize charitable events to help others. Even if I don't earn much, I still try to donate whenever I can if there are some donation drives organized by ARMYs.

Team AGTJ: Our organization's initial focus was mainly on children and schools. But as time went by, we also realized that there are many people in need of help. So from that, we started doing projects for the street families, the elders, the stray animals, the environment, and the people affected by natural disasters. We're even planning to organize a sports fest event for people with disabilities this coming June in celebration of BTS' anniversary. It is fulfilling being able to help other people on behalf of BTS and the whole fandom.

Source: Jovie Padilla

Because you find BTS' influence life-changing, in what way do they inspire you as a person?

Gian: BTS has taught me many things. For one, they taught me to continue to press forward even if it’s too hard. To not give up and move on. To continue to do good even if people did you bad. They inspire me to go out and pursue my dream even if the world has told me that I won’t make it. They inspire me to believe in myself even if nobody does. And lastly, they taught me that it’s okay to not be okay, that I can pause and take a rest for now and then go back up to my feet once I feel like I’m ready to continue in conquering the world.

Raever: They came into my life when I needed them the most and they gave me hope. They’re my healing. They make me happy. BTS taught me how to love and accept myself. They also taught me that it’s okay if I haven’t figured out what I want in my life, and I can achieve my dreams at my own pace.

Jovie: They inspire me to keep pursuing my dreams and to never forget to love myself even more. They inspire me with their achievements [in how], just like them, I can be successful in my chosen field if I keep on giving my best and to never stop dreaming and believing that someday I can succeed as well. Also, they inspire me to help other people who are in need.

Team AGTJ: They speak about real issues without trying to romanticize it, or isolate the suffering individuals. They use their talents as a force for the greater good, and to help other people. We think that is beyond just admirable. BTS is also very socially aware [and] they don’t cover up blemishes in our society. With their influence over a broad age demographic, BTS is capable of great things. Their actions trigger waves of social action and activism to prevent more suffering, and because of that, we are able to channel that inspiration by also inspiring others (both fans and non-fans) to do good things only. We are here to prove that fangirling is not only just screaming and daydreaming about your idols, but it can also be a tool to be a better person for others and be the best version of yourself.

Source: Jovie Padilla

We can say that there is no other fandom that can evidently stay gold at heart like the BTS ARMYs. The extension of their love and dedication as fans of the K-pop group is truly remarkable as it has brought such great difference even in small communities. Just like them, we can also turn our personal passions into purpose by giving a hand to those who are in need, especially in these trying times. Get inspired with more SMARTxBTS exclusive content here!