Study Hacks from the University of TikTok

  • By: Jan Martin

TikTok has taken over the world of social media influencers for one specific reason. It's not simply for entertainment, but is quite a significant source of information and knowledge as well. Of course, this isn't an official platform to educate yourself on, but with the help of TikTok influencers, there are University study hacks that are actually really helpful.

Grammar and Spelling Tips by Teamlyqa

Coach Lyqa, an “EduCreator” (as indicated in her TikTok Bio) and motivational speaker, has captured an overwhelming following of 1.4 million viewers on TikTok for her incredibly valuable short videos on grammar and spelling. These small details can make the biggest difference in sentence structure and is proving to be the type of education students gravitate the most to.

Understanding the difference between the words Advice and Advise


Advise o Advice #learnenglish with @lyqamaravilla #edutokph #tiktoku #learnontiktok #alammoba #english

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Free study outline


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"Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Things won’t always work out exactly the way you want them to. And that’s okay. What matters more is that you learn all you can from it. Everything is a learning experience. From the good, we can learn what to do. From the bad, we can choose to learn what NOT to do. So, when the inevitable happens and you make a mistake or fail, pause, let yourself feel all the feels, take note of what you could’ve done better, then move forward." - Coach Lyqa on Surviving the Struggles of University Life

General Student and Life Hacks by Joshuarstaana

Joshua is an all-around content creator who makes TikTok videos that are both entertaining and valuable. Going through his page, you'll realize all the different life hacks you had no idea you desperately needed in your day-to-day life.

How to go from a failing student to an honor student


Effective Study Habits that changed me from a failing to an honor student. #tiktoku #learnontiktok #college #university #tips #asian #fyp #studyhacks

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How to make your essay within 5 minutes


How to make an essay easily. This helped me cram a lot of college papers 😔🥰 #tiktoku #learnontiktok #productivity #college #asian #fyp

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"Don't be afraid to make mistakes. You won't know the results unless you try, so just do it." - Joshua on Surviving the Struggles of University Life

How to Nail Every Essay You Need to Write with Sir.arjay

Let’s face it, University life depends significantly on your ability to discuss your thoughts and ideas, in a well, written essay. Sir.arjay is the go-to TikTok influencer for everything you need for your essays to go from 0 to 100. He discusses everything from "what words to avoid using on your essays", to different books you can use for sources.

The Three Dashes You Didn't Know You Needed


The three (3) dashes. #asksirarjay #learnenglish #punctuationmarks #essayhacks #learnontiktok

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Words You Shouldn't Use in Your Essay


WORDS you should not be using in your essay. #asksirarjay #englishlesson #learnenglish #essayhacks

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For every video you watch on his TikTok, you'll feel compelled to take notes on, as you will definitely need these little nuggets of essay writing tips, for the rest of your student (and adult) life.

How to be a Law Student with liezlludan_

Calling all law students out there! Liz Ludan needs to be on your TikTok feed for inspiration, and an all-around helpful guide on how to make it as a law student. She offers unique advice on different ways to study, and how to organize all of the thousands of written information you are to digest as a law student. All while maintaining a fitness life and a relationship (didn't we just say she's a good source for inspiration?).

How to study for law school


HOW TO STUDY FOR LAW SCHOOL? This is the daily grind ❤️ #lawschool #lawstudent #lawtiktok #studytips

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Law school highlighting tips


Reply to @divinegraceramos61 This is what the colors mean in my codals & annotations! ✨☺️ #edutiktok #lawschool #lawstudent #lawph #fyp #foryoupage

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"Never forget the reason why you are where you are. Whenever I feel unmotivated and down, I always remind myself that I'm not studying for myself but for the people, I will be helping in the future. Then I remember that a few sleepless nights and a few sacrifices are nothing compared to the lives I will be changing and the contributions I will make for my country once I finish my education." - Liz on Surviving the Struggles of University Life

Final Thoughts

It seems that TikTok has evolved beyond just a platform to share videos on, but rather, has become an app where influencers share the best, most relatable and applicable life hacks for this generation of TikTok users. Although it's not the definite self-help book, as not all the information posted is reliable, there are content creators such as Coach Lyka, Joshua, Sir Arjay, and Liz, who get it right.