5 YouTubers Who Can Help You Master Studying From Home

  • by Kim V.

On paper, studying from home seems ideal. It means flexible schedules, no commute, extra free time, and minimal supervision. But while these things are true, they’re also cast against the backdrop of the pandemic raging just outside our homes, and that reality brings its own unique set of challenges. If your existing study skills are failing, it’s only because you’re trying to make them work in unprecedented circumstances. Without professors and classmates around to hold you accountable, you’re forced to manage your own time and energy.

Right now, there’s no better way to hone this skill than to go where you already are: online. As long as you have a wifi connection, digital creators are some of your most accessible teachers. While most of them aren’t certified experts, you can still look to them for inspiration and glean ideas for your own goals. Remember — there’s no right way to be productive. Take everything with a grain of salt and find what works for you, starting with these five YouTube channels.

  1. AmandaRachLee

    WATCH: My 2021 Bullet Journal Setup

    Amanda Rach Lee is YouTube’s bullet journaling whiz. Her thoughtful designs are shining examples of creative planning. Every month, she creates a new spread based on a theme and walks through every step of her process, from conceptualizing visuals to drawing final layouts. She makes overwhelming tasks like goal-setting, planning, and tracking feel more like creative play. This speaks to the beauty of bullet journaling—you’re free to customize, simplify, and make it completely your own.

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  2. Mariana's Study Corner

    WATCH: online school ⇨ a survival guide

    Mariana’s channel covers every facet of productivity, like habit forming, color coding, tech hacks, and budgeting. Her video archive is so robust, you’ll likely find a guide for every study-related concern you have. Mariana’s approach to studying is just like her—cerebral, systematic, and hyper-organized. But what makes her advice so effective is her ability to break down productivity systems into clear, accessible steps, so you can easily implement them into your study routine.

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  3. cafe.studyy

    WATCH: 2020 desk tour + how i organize my stationery

    Isabelle’s study vlogs make exam prep look like a calming Sunday afternoon activity. Beautifully shot, softly lit, and laced with quiet ASMR, her videos have a lived-in quality that probably mirrors your own study life at home. But soothing vibes aside, Isabelle’s YouTube channel is also a wellspring of journal ideas, stationery recommendations, and useful note-taking tips. If you leave her videos playing in the background, it feels just like a virtual study buddy.

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  4. studyquill

    WATCH: online school: a survival guide 💻 apps + extensions, productivity tricks, and more

    Like most college freshmen this year, Jasmine of studyquill attended her first university classes not on a campus, but through a laptop. She knows the advantages and pitfalls of online learning as much as the next stressed-out student. Still, Jasmine approaches her work with complete cool and calm, and her methods might help you do the same. She’s a pro at blocking out distraction, keeping notes organized, and using both digital and analog tools to stay on top of academics.

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  5. Rowena Tsai

    WATCH: the one habit that is changing my life: set systems rather than goals

    Rowena Tsai is like that one friend who seems to have their entire life together. She’s a successful young creative, spiritually self-aware, and never runs out of sagely advice. While her content covers the usual productivity topics, Rowena’s philosophy focuses mostly on practical self-care. Using her own experiences, expert ideas, and spiritual wisdom, she distills productivity concepts into simple terms and combines them with nourishing lifestyle practices that’ll help you thrive in both your work and personal life.

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