Credit Limit

Smart2Know Your Credit Limit

Your default credit limit is set according to your plan subscription.


Learn more about your Credit Limit

Did you know that you can request for a change in your credit limit? Just call our Hotline at *888 (toll-free) using your Smart mobile number or dial (02) 888-1111 using your landline.

For budget-conscious:
You may request for a decrease in credit limit.

For heavy call, text and data users:
You may request for an increase in credit limit, subject to approval, to avoid exceeding it and getting redirected.

When you exceed your credit limit, your account will be temporarily redirected. This means that you will not be able to use your line to make outgoing transactions.

To reactivate your line, make sure to settle the charges required of your account. After paying, your line will be automatically reactivated within 24 hours. You may also facilitate self-service reconnection by dialing any mobile/landline number, then following the instructions via our voice response system.