Frequently Asked Questions


Device cash-outs may be paid in full with cash or credit cards. Option to amortize a portion of the full-cash-out across your contract term should also be available.

Devices should be covered by the phone manufacturer’s standard Service Warranty.

For aftersales support for your device, please visit any of the phone manufacturer’s Authorized Service Center.


Yes, you may switch to a Signature Device Plan even if your device plan is still within contract. Signature Device Plan inclusions should be applicable for this kind of plan change.

Yes, you may switch to a Signature Plan even if your line-only plan is still within contract. Signature Plan inclusions will be applied to your account once you have successfully switched

Yes, you may switch to a Signature Plan when you renew your plan.


In order to be eligible, you must:

  • Have an active SMART Postpaid account;
  • Have no outstanding balance;
  • Have an account which is already out-of-contract (or with less than 3-months remaining within contract).

You just have to visit the SMART Store nearest you. Make sure that you have an ACTIVE email address, and do not forget to bring the following:

  • 1 VALID ID; and
  • Financial Documents (if upgrading to a higher Signature Plan)

Yes, you may avail early plan renewal if you have less than 3 months remaining in your contract. Terms and Conditions apply.

Yes, you can upgrade up to two plans higher without the need to submit additional financial documents as long as you have good credit standing at the time of renewal. Terms and Conditions apply.


Yes, you can. Please take note that standard pre-termination fees apply for both Signature Plans (SIM-Only) and Signature Device Plans.

Your outstanding bills should be settled before you can cancel your Smart Signature Plan.

Yes, your outstanding bills and pre-termination fees, if applicable, should be paid before cancelling you Smart Signature Plan


First, make sure that before leaving the country, you update your account & settle unpaid balance.

Once you’re already out of the country, you will receive a welcome message with a link to Smart’s Data Roaming Manager. Here, you may subscribe to a data roaming package that suit you. Turning on your mobile data abroad without subscribing to a data roaming pack will automatically register you to Roam Surf 550 for your convenience.

For more info and the available roaming packages, you may visit

Data roaming can be switched on and off through your phone settings.
For iOS, go to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Data Roaming (on/off)
For Android, go to Settings > Connections > Mobile Networks > Data Roaming (on/off)

Currently, this function is not yet available on the myPLDT Smart App. But don’t fret! It’s easy to monitor your data roaming usage! Just click the "Active" tab in the Data Roaming Manager homepage ( to view your active subscription along with how much data you have used and the pack’s validity.

If you are roaming overseas, calls forwarded to you will be charged. International call rates shall apply.

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