Terms of Use

Activating and Billing

All Smart Signature customers are automatically enrolled to Smart’s Electronic Statement of Account (eSOA). Physical or printed bills are available upon request in any Smart Store or through the GigaLife app.

5G and LTE Network

“Prioritized 5G Network” refers to granting Smart Signature customers the highest priority on Smart’s fastest 5G data network IF there is high-traffic demand.

Accessing Smart’s fastest 5G network requires all of the following:

  • Using a 5G-enabled device
  • With a 5G-ready SIM
  • Being in an 5G-powered area.

“Prioritized LTE Network” refers to granting Smart Signature customers the highest priority on Smart’s fastest LTE data network IF there is high-traffic demand. Accessing Smart’s fastest LTE network requires all of the following:

  • Using an LTE-enabled device
  • With an LTE-ready SIM
  • Being in an LTE-powered area

Call, Text, and Data Usages

For instances when the customer’s call minutes—regardless if part of the Plan or Call Booster—has been reached, standard call charges shall be billed on top the monthly Plan. The standard rate of Php 7.50 per minute shall apply.

For instances when the customer’s allocated data has been fully consumed, he/she will receive an SMS directing him/her to go to the GigaLife app to purchase any of the available Signature Data Boosters. If the customer opts not to register to a Data Booster, he/she will not be able to access the Internet using mobile data. Standard metered data charging is not available.

Signature Plans have their own set of Signature Data Boosters. Existing Smart Postpaid add-ons are not available to Signature customers, unless otherwise stated in the Signature FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), Signature collaterals, Signature webpage, etc.

Multiple availment of Signature Boosters is allowed for as long as the customer’s Credit Limit has not been reached.

Data usages are charged to the Plan allocation first, before being charged to registered boosters.

Signature Booster subscriptions are charged on top of the monthly Plan.

Signature Data Plans are pure data offers and are not enabled for outgoing calls and texts.

Authorized Devices

Signature Plans+ SIM cards may only be used with Mobile Devices (i.e. Mobile Phones, Smartphones, Tablets, and Pocket Wi-Fis). The SIM cards shall NOT be inserted in Fixed Wireless Routers (i.e. Home WiFi, CPE Routers, etc.).

Should the customer insert a Signature Plans+ SIM card into an unauthorized device like a Fixed Wireless Router, all mobile services such as calls, texts, and data will not work.

Netflix Bundle

For applicable Signature plans, Netflix Mobile will be provided for as long as the promo is active.

The bundle covers the cost for Netflix Mobile only. Data used for streaming on Netflix will be deducted against the customer’s plan or booster data allowance.

Customers also have the option to upgrade their Netflix bundle to Basic, Standard, or Premium; the additional cost for upgrading will be billed on top of their plan’s monthly service fee. There is no limit to the number of times that the customer can upgrade or downgrade within a given billing period.

Netflix Mobile is the default bundle for the enhanced Signature SIM-Only Plans, hence opting out of the service is not allowed.

Customers must maintain good credit standing to continue enjoying their Netflix bundle.

Upon disconnection of a Signature SIM-Only Plan, billing of the Netflix bundle will revert to the user’s original mode of payment registered with Netflix.

Disconnection covers the following scenarios:

  • Temporary plan disconnection

  • Permanent plan disconnection

  • Change package to a Smart Plan with no Netflix bundle
    E.g. Signature Device Plans, Signature 5G Plans, Signature Data Plans

Billing will revert to either of the following modes of payment:

  • Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) which is charged on top of the subscriber’s monthly plan fee

  • Credit or debit card registered with Netflix

The amount to be billed will depend on the user’s active Netflix bundle upon effectivity of their plan disconnection i.e. Mobile, Basic, Standard, or Premium.

International Services and Roaming

All International Direct Dialing (IDD) services are charged on top of the monthly Plan. For standard rates, please visit the Smart World website: https://smart.com.ph/World/FCTA.

After-sales Transactions

All existing Smart Postpaid customers are eligible to switch to Smart Signature. Existing Retention and Change Plan policies apply.

Registered add-ons shall be forfeited upon Retention/Change of Plan to Smart Signature. Signature Boosters shall not be forfeited upon Retention or Upgrade/Downgrade from an existing Signature Plan to another Signature Plan.


Request for a Vanity Number with more than 4 digits is allowed on Signature Plans. Existing Vanity Number fees apply.