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Renew your plan in 3 easy steps
Check if your contract is up for renewal.
Stick to your plan or choose an upgrade.
Get your free phone or opt for bill rebate.
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We have Planniversary packages
for every kind of Postpaid user.

Get FREE phones with your plans under the Handset Package!

All data plans come with FREE handsets.

GIGA Plans (Available for retention only)
Plans Monthly LTE
Data Allocation
All Net *SMS All Net*
Call Allocation
Additional App Data FREE Smartphone
Plan 599
(Choose one among the following:)
Unlimited Facebook
FB Messenger
Viber Access

Or 600 MB
Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime (30-mos)
Plan 799
3.5 GB 40 mins Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime (30-mos)
Plan 999
5 GB 50 mins Huawei Y7
Plan 1499
9 GB 60 mins iPhone 6 32GB (GOLD)
Plan 1999
12 GB 70 mins Huawei Nova 2i
Plan 2499
15 GB 80 mins Huawei Mate 10
Plan 2999
18 GB 90 mins iPhone 7 32GB

Mix and match your All-in Plan details with the Consumable Package!

Enjoy fully customizable plans and adjust the text, call,
and data services to your own mobile lifestyle.

Plans Monthly LTE
Data Allocation
All Net *SMS All Net*
Call Allocation
Additional App Data FREE Smartphone
Plan 500
Fully customizable and consumable.
Dial *121# to register to Auto-renewing Flexibundles available
for SMS, calls, and data.
Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime
(30-mos) until Jan 31, 2018**
Plan 800
Huawei Y7
(30-mos) until Jan 31, 2018**
Plan 1200
Plan 1800
Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro
Plan 2500
Huawei Mate 10

*All networks - Smart/TNT/SUN/Globe; EXCLUDING landline/PLP/others
**Terms and conditions apply

Renew your account through the following channels:

Smart Retail Store
Test out and purchase any device of your choice in any of our stores.

Smart Store Branches

Telesales Hotline
Enjoy the convenience of our telesales hotline as they take you through the renewal process in the comfort of your own home.

Smart Store Branches

Smart Online Store
Get regular updates on all your transactions when you renew via our online store.

Smart Store Branches

Frequently Asked Questions

When you applied for your Smart Postpaid plan, you signed a service contract with a specified lock-in period (ex. 24 months or 30 months). Plan renewal allows you to refresh your plan's service contract with Smart Postpaid once you are already eligible. Availers receive a new smartphone or device (free or with cash-out) OR rebates on your monthly service fee (MSF). If you qualify, you may even upgrade your current plan.

In order to be eligible, you must:

  • Have an active SMART Postpaid account;
  • Have no outstanding balance;
  • Have an account which is already out-of-contract (or with less than 1-month remaining within contract).

You can also check by Check if your plan is qualified for plan renewal ONLINE by following these steps:

  • Go to the Smart Online Store and click Plan Renewal on the menu. You may also click this link.
  • Enter your My Smart login details.
  • Click on the mobile number you wish to verify. (Note: Only numbers linked to your My Smart account will be displayed.
  • If your account is qualified for plan renewal, you may apply online via the Smart Online Store right away.

If your Smart postpaid account/number qualifies for plan renewal you can avail of one of any of these offers:

  • A new smartphone (which may be FREE or with cash-out applicable) with your chosen plan.
  • Monthly service fee rebates up to 35% (depending on your tenure). Terms and Conditions apply.

There are three (3) ways to avail. You can choose to:

  • Visit the SMART Store nearest you.
    • You just needed to fill-up the Retention Package Application Form (RPAF) and submit a copy of at least 1 VALID ID.
    • Submission of Financial Documents may be needed if upgrading to a higher plan.
  • Call *888 and press “1” to be routed to the TELESALES HOTLINE on the main menu. A customer service representative will be there to assist you on your plan renewal after confirming that you are already eligible.
  • Renew you plan via the ONLINE STORE. You may click this link to get started!

Availing via TELESALES HOTLINE or ONLINE STORE entitles you to FREE Handset Delivery. Your new device will be delivered straight to your specified shipping address within 7-days upon approval and payment of the order or application.