List of accepted IDs

  • SSS (Digitized)

  • Passport (with Signature)

  • Driver’s License

  • Company ID

  • Exclusive Club Membership ID

  • Unified Multipurpose-ID

  • Postal ID (Digitized)

  • IBP ID

  • Firearms License

  • PRC ID

Sample documents

  • Utility Bills (Electricity, Water, Cable, Telco, DSL)

  • Waybill or Proof of Shipping (Delivery Receipt)

  • Club Membership Bill

  • Bank Statement of Account

  • Credit Card Bill / Statement of Account

  • Insurance Premium Bill / Statement of Account

* An ID with the applicant’s address may also be presented such as postal ID, Driver’s license, etc.

Sample documents

  • Bank certificate of deposits with average daily balance for last 3 months

  • Certificate of Employment + 1 month payslips

  • Bank Account Passbook, with last three (3) months transactions

  • Latest three (3) months Bank Statement of Account

  • Latest ITR (Form 2316) + 1 month payslips

  • Credit Card Statement of Account (SOA), issued within the last three (3) months

  • Latest 3 months Proof of Remittance + Proof of Relationship

  • Business documents (Business permit, Latest ITR with Audited FS)

* A credit card may also be presented in lieu of above requirements.

  • Contact Information

  • Home / Office
    Contact Number

  • Email Address

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