Activate Smart Perks Account

  • All Postpaid subscribers will automatically earn Loyalty points upon every bill payment received which they can use to redeem items;
  • All Prepaid subscribers will have to submit* subscriber information in order to start earning Loyalty points which they can use to redeem items

*Activate your Smart Perks Account in two ways:

  1. Via SMS: Text REWARDS <space>First Name/Middle Name/Last Name to 9800.
                Ex. REWARDS Juan/Rosario/Cruz to 9800
  2. Via My Smart: Click here and register.

Earning points only begin once you have activated your Smart Perks account.

Earn & Keep Track

A. The Smart Perks program allows you to earn points in two (2) ways:

  1. By loading or paying your Smart bill

    a. Prepaid subscribers earn points by topping up or reloading through retailers and/or call and text cards. For every P25 load, you earn 1 Rewards point.

    b. Postpaid subscribers earn points by paying their Smart Bill. For every P25 Smart bill payment, you earn 1 Rewards point.

  2. By earning bonus points from promotions and/or activities

    a. You can get bonus points for special events and activities (i.e. Smart Anniversary and updating the personal profile). Points earned are fixed and do not depend on earning rates.

B. To check points:

  1. Text POINTS to 9800.
  2. Click here to check your points online through My Smart.

C. Points earned are valid for 1 year from the day they are credited to the subscriber.

D. Every end of the month, points that have not been used in one year will be forfeited.

E. We encourage you to check the status of their points regularly.

F. Smart may, at its own discretion, inform you of the current status of their point balance and information regarding its expiry.

Redeem & Enjoy

A. The Smart Perks Program offers various rewards options grouped into categories listed below. The full list of Smart Perks may be viewed here in the Smart Perks Catalog.

  1. Mobile Perks

    Mobile Perks are Smart’s voice, text and internet promos that you can avail in exchange of your points.

  2. Lifestyle Perks

    Lifestyle Perks are the other items or services from Smart’s Merchant Partners involving food, entertainment, travel, music, games, movies, skating, bowling, billiards and more.

    Required points for Leisure and Entertainment Perks vary depending on the item.

  3. Exclusive Deals

    Smart Perks offers special deals for you without deducting your points. Redemption for these types of rewards is considered free of charge.

  4. Raffle Promos

    On special occasions, Smart Rewards will be offering raffle promos for special events, concerts, prizes, and more to make you experience something new.

B. To redeem Perks, text REDEEM <item code> to 9800.

To view the list of item codes, you may either do the following:

a. Go to the Perks Catalog here.

b. Text ITEMS to 9800 (which will provide you the list of categories or keywords to choose from below).

C. You may redeem rewards here through your My Smart account.

D. Smart Perks items for delivery will be, by default, delivered to your address of record within 14 working days (within Metro Manila) or within 21 working days (outside Metro Manila).

E. You are required to prepare the following documents in case an authorized representative will be receiving the redeemed item delivered.

  1. Letter of Authorization in favor of the authorized representative duly signed by the redeeming Subscriber.
  2. Presentation of redeeming Subscriber and authorized representative’s proof of identification (should be acceptable to SMART) with photocopy thereof to be submitted to the delivery/courier service provider.

F. If you erased the message that contains the mobile code or promo code needed to claim a redeemed reward, you can retrieve it by sending REFETCH to 9800 for free. All unused mobile codes will be sent to you via SMS.

Transfer Points & Perks

Pasa Points

Pasa Points allows you to transfer points to other Smart, Sun, TNT and Infinity subscribers.

To transfer points, text PASAPOINTS <recipient mobile number> <number of points> to 9800. (Ex. PASAPOINTS 09189191199 500)

When the Pasa Points transaction is successful, the transferor and transferee will receive an SMS notification from 9800 confirming the successful transfer and crediting of points.

Please take note of the following:

  1. You will be charged P1 (airtime load for Prepaid and bill on top for Postpaid) for each transaction.
  2. If you are a Member account of a linked group, the Pasa Points request will need confirmation from the Leader account.
  3. Upon successful transfer, transferred points will be valid for 30 days.

Pasa Perks

Pasa Perks allows you to redeem Lifestyle Perks and transfer to Smart, Sun, TNT or Infinity subscribers.

To transfer perks, text REDEEM <item keyword> <mobile number of recipient> to 9800. (Ex. REDEEM BC100 0918XXXXXXX)

If you are a Member account of a linked group, the Pasa Perks request will need confirmation from the Leader account.

When the Pasa Perks transaction is successful, the transferor and transferee will receive an SMS notification from 9800 confirming the successful transfer and crediting of rewards.

Items in the following categories are not available for Pasa Perks transactions: Mobile Perks, Raffle Promos, Charity Donations and Exclusive Deals.

Use Points to Pay

You can now pay your Smart, Sun or PLDT bills using your Smart Perks Loyalty Points.

One Loyalty Point is equivalent to P1 Payment.

You need to set a PIN first before you can make any bills payment transaction for the first time.

To create your PIN, text PIN SET <4-digit PIN> to 9800. (Ex. PIN SET 0723).

To reset your PIN, text PIN RESET <old PIN> <space> <new PIN> to 9800. (Ex. PIN RESET 0723 7239)

To pay bills using your points:

  1. SMART Bill: Text PAY SMART <Account Number of the Smart Bill> <space> <Peso Amount> <space> <PIN> to 9800.
  2. SUN Bill: Text PAY SUN <Account Number of SUN Bill> <space> <Peso Amount> <space> <PIN> to 9800.
  3. PLDT Bill: Text PAY PLDT <Account Number of PLDT Bill> <space> <Peso Amount> <space> <PIN> to 9800.

Upon sending the payment request, the Account holder will receive a confirmation within 48 hours via SMS if it was successfully processed.

If you are a Member account of a linked group, the payment request will need confirmation from the Leader account.

Please take note of the following:

  1. Please ensure that the account number entered is valid. Pay transactions are non-reversible and non-transferrable upon successful request.
  2. PIN should be in a 4-digit and numeric format.