Here’s how to start your entrepreneurial career:

SMARTpreneur is a program that provides opportunities for students to start their own business and develop entrepreneurial skills

What do I get out of
being a SMARTpreneur?


Earn extra money
when you sell load


Earn points
for every sale and
get instant rewards


Get access to exclusive
talks and learning videos
from industry gurus


Invite others to be part
of your load community
and earn additional points



Use your points to get
Airtime Load, increase your Load Wallet,
get E-Tickets & Value Added Services


Load for calls, texts, data,
purchasing of apps, products, etc

Load Wallet

Load you can use to sell
Smart Prepaid offers


Your online entries or coupons
for computer-generated raffles

Value Added Services

Get free vouchers for Spinnr,
iFlix and GameX



Use your E-Tickets
for a chance to win laptops,
GC’s, the latest smartphones,
tablets, and Smart Bro devices.


Do you have what it takes to be a top SMARTpreneur?


Test your entrepreneurial skills and expand your community for a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

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Here’s everything you need to know
about the SMARTpreneur program.

How can I join the Smartpreneur program?

There will be Smart Life school events and campus tours throughout the school year wherein Smart Axis applications will be accepted. If your school is not yet part of the campus tours of Smart, you may call the retailer hotline at 8457733 or *333 via mobile phone. One can also apply with our authorized provincial distributors in your area.

Who can be enrolled in the Smartpreneur program?

The program is open to enterprising college students and school organizations. The Smartpreneur program can be an additional fund-raising activity for school organizations.

How much do I pay to join the program?

Registration into the program will cost P280 or P285 only. This will cover for the Smartpreneur kit which contains the following:
(1) Retailer SIM with P150 pre-load
(5) SIMs
(1) Smartpreneur Bag
(1) Smartpreneur Shirt

Why are there 5 regular SIMs in the Smartpreneur kit?

The 5 regular SIMs are intended for your friends, classmates, and org-mates. It is encouraged that your circle of friends become Smart subscribers. They, in turn, become loadmates and primary market.

Is the load selling of Smartpreneur limited to his 5 loadmates?

No, the Smartpreneur Captain can also sell to his family & relatives and other friends. But it is encouraged that the 5 loadmates top up on a regular basis.

How can I earn as a Smartpreneur Captain?

You can earn a 4.5% margin for every load you sell. Since load is a fast moving product, the P280 cash outlay can easily be recovered. Aside from earnings, Smartpreneur Captains will also earn loyalty points every time they sell load.

How much do I have to sell to earn loyalty points? What is a Loyalty Point?

A Smartpreneur Captain can receive 2 points for every Php100 load sales (load sold to his/her loadmates). These points can be used to redeem Smart Rewards.

What are the Rewards that a Smartpreneur Captain can enjoy?

As of this time, these are the Instant Rewards for Smart Axis Captain.

AllText20 20
UCT30 30
UCT50 50
Jump15 15
Jump25 25
Jump50 50
Load Wallet 50 250
Load Wallet 100 500
BigBytes50 50
1 e-ticket 20
5 e-tickets 35

How can I redeem these rewards?

Just Text REDEEM_<Reward> send to 9800

Is there a Link DeLink function of Smart Axis Loadmates?

Yes, for Linking just Text LINK_<JUMPSIM> send to 9800; for delinking just Text DELINK_<JUMPSIM> send to 9800

Note: The Regular SIMs included in the Smartpreneur package is already pre-Linked, no need to execute the Linking process.

Are there any other rewards aside from the existing Smartpreneur Reward Bucket?

Yes, you may use your E-Tickets to redeem raffle items like GC’s, laptop, smartphones etc.

I am an existing student retailer, can I join the Smartpreneur Captain program?

Yes you may join but the student has to register and complete the information sheet. Registration using an existing retailer SIM is already in place.

What if I lost my Smartpreneur Captain retailer SIM?

You may report lost Retailer SIM to *333 (via mobile) or 8457733 and to the distributor personnel assigned to the Smartpreneur Captain.

What if one of Smartpreneur loadmates lost their SIM?

The Captain must delink the lost MIN and link the new MIN of his/her loadmate.

What are the other benefits as a Smartpreneur Captain and as a loadmate.

As part of the Smartpreneur community, you will be provided with seminars and workshops on leadership, basic business & financial skills, e-commerce. Certificates of participation will be distributed to attendees.
Similarly, rewards and recognition will be given to outstanding Smartpreneur Captains. And a chance to apply as OJT in Smart Communications

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