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*Compatible in areas where Smart’s 5G network is available

**Philippines fastest mobile data network based on analysis by Ookla® of Speedtest Intelligence®️ data Q1–Q2 2020. Ookla trademarks used under license and reprinted with permission.



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The Fastest Mobile Internet

5th generation technology mobile networks which is the evolution of both LTE and 4G which promises to bring greater data speeds for your digital lifestyle,  lower latency for your mobile gaming, and the ability to connect more devices for your smart home all at once.

Unlock more possibilities with Smart’s 5G network with SPD!

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    Smart 5G certified phone

Expanding 5G Devices

Potentially ULTRA FAST & REAL LAG-FREE Entertainment with Smart’s 5G network.

Enjoy a fast viewing experience in high resolution with our expanding range of 5G ready smart phone devices.

Play your favorite mobile games with low latency and fast DL/UL speeds for quick reaction

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We were the first to bring you 4G LTE in the Philippines, and now we are working to make 5G accessible to everyone.

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Wireless mobile technology makes a
big leap every 10 years

  • 1980

    Analogue Cell, Birth of Telecommunication


  • 1990

    Digital Cell, Mobile phone for everyone


  • 2001

    Mobile broadband was first introduced


  • 2010

    Smart first brought LTE Mobile Broadband


  • 2020

    The future and the present of mobile internet.


We’ve reached this far, and we are not stopping.

  • 1G

    1980 AMPS

    First generation of wireless cellular  technology

    • Basic voice calls

  • 2G

    1990 GSM

    2nd generation of wireless cellular  technology

    • Better voice calls

    • SMS/Text messaging MMS/Multimedia Messaging were introduced

  • 3G

    2001 HSPA

    3rd generation of wireless cellular  technology

    • The start of mobile internet era

    • Users are able to do voice and video calls, transmit data, and send videos

    Products: Smart Broadband Stick

  • 4G

    2010 LTE

    4th generation of wireless cellular  technology

    • Internet quality and speed were greatly improved

    • Mobile streaming services were introduced

    • Smart was the first to bring the fastest 4G LTE in the Philippines

    Products: GIGA, Smart Bro

  • 5th generation of wireless cellular  technology

    ULTRA FAST download speeds

    LAG FREE gaming

    Cloud gaming

    8K Video Streaming


    Advanced Mobile Phone System


    Global System for Mobile Communication


    High Speed Packet Access


    Long-Term Evolution/LTE-Advanced


    The network needs to keep up with increasing demand of mobile data

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