Surf like never before with Smart Wifi!Surf like never before with Smart Wifi!

What is Smart Wifi?

Smart has turned your favorite hangout spots and popular locations all over the country into convenient Smart Wifi hubs. Now you can enjoy super speed internet with any Wi-Fi capable device with or without SIM!

How do I enjoy Smart Wifi?

Simply turn on your Wi-Fi and connect to #SmartWifi to get super speed Internet


To connect to Smart Wifi, all it takes are these four easy steps:


Turn your Wifi connection on and choose #SmartWifi from the list of networks.


Open your browser and input your mobile number.


Wait for the verification code to be sent via SMS.


Enter the verification code and click "Start Browsing".


Once your free minutes are used up, continue browsing by loading up with these options:

10 30 minutes 1 day WIFI10
20 2 hours 2 day WIFI20
50 10 hours 5 day WIFI50

To subscribe, text <KEYWORD> to 9991 for Smart, Sun, and TNT subscribers. This offer is available for both prepaid and postpaid users. Smart Wifi load cards are also available to subscribers of all networks

Learn more on how to load up and browse more in this video!

Want to know more about our Smart Wifi?
check out our FAQ below:

Each user may enjoy at least 30 free minutes of Wi-Fi everyday.

  • Turn on your Wi-Fi connection.
  • Manually select #SmartWifi from the list of Wi-Fi networks.
  • Open your internet browser for automatic redirection to Smart Wifi page.
  • Input your mobile number and wait for the verification code.
  • Enter the verification code and click Start Browsing.
  • Enjoy your Internet browsing.

No. Mobile Internet or data subscription is not needed to avail of the free minutes.

Your existing data subscriptions will not be affected by the free Wi-Fi minutes.

You can enjoy another free Wi-Fi session in the same hotspot the next day.

Try to restart your connection or handset unit. If the issue is still not addressed, the server may be encountering technical problems. You may call 888-1111 for initial troubleshooting.

Speed will depend on several factors, such as the device/handset being used, and the number of users using the Wi-Fi connection at the same time in the same location.

Once your free minutes are up, you will no longer be able to browse.

You may continue your surfing experience by buying Wi-Fi Credits thru the following:

  • Via Wi-Fi Cards – buy Wi-Fi load cards at the nearest Smart retail store
  • Via Smart Online Store-
  • Via keyword texting
    All Smart/TNT/Sun subscribers can subscribe to the Wi-Fi package of their choice by texting the keyword to 9991.
  • Name




    Text Keyword

    Access Code


    30 minutes of Wi-Fi surfing

    1 day





    2 hours of Wi-Fi surfing

    2 days





    10 hours of Wi-Fi surfing

    5 days




A Smart Wifi PIN will be sent via SMS to confirm subscription.

  • Turn on your Wi-Fi connection
  • Manually select #SmartWifi from the list of Wi-Fi networks
  • Open your internet browser for automatic redirection to Smart Wifi page
  • On the home page, input your Smart Wifi PIN then click Start Browsing.
  • A Timer will be shown and you can start surfing.


No. The load will only be consumed when the user is actually connected to the Smart Wifi hotspot. A 5-day load can be used on different days and in different Smart Wifi hotspots.

No. The load card can be used in different hotspots. As long as the hotspot is #SmartWifi and will accept PINs, the PIN can be used.

Yes, as long as you are still covered by a Smart Wifi hotspot and if your vehicle speed does not exceed 25kph. If on faster speed, we suggest you connect via mobile data for a more seamless experience.

Yes, you can avail multiple Smart Wifi PINs.

Smart, Sun and TNT users can call *888 for any inquiries. Other users can call the hotline through 8881111.