What is Google Station?

In the Philippines, the Google Station service is a partnership between Smart and Google,
offering users access to fast and free Wi-Fi in selected public areas nationwide.

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How do I enjoy Google Station?

Simply turn on your Wi-Fi and connect to "Free Google Station: Smart WiFi" to get fast and free Wi-Fi.


To connect to Google Station, all it takes are these four easy steps:


Turn your Wi-Fi connection on and choose "Free Google Station: Smart WiFi" to get fast and free Wi-Fi.


Open your browser and click "START" to continue.


Click on "CONNECT" to agree to the Terms of Service.


Start Browsing!

Want to know more about Google Station?
check out our FAQ below:

  1. Smart WiFi is Wi-Fi connectivity offered by Smart in public, high foot traffic venues nationwide. It can be either Free or Paid:
    • The Google Station service uses the SSID (Wi-Fi name) of “Free Google Station: Smart WiFi”. It offers 30-minute sessions after viewing ads, with option to re-connect multiple times for 30 minutes after viewing another set of ads.
    • The other SSID (Wi-Fi name) of “#SmartWiFi @SITE” will host the paid option, providing users with uninterrupted, ad-free access to the internet.
  2. Both Free and Paid Wi-Fi service provides the same world-class internet speed and quality.
  • Turn on your Wi-Fi and connect to “Free Google Station: Smart WiFi” to get fast and free WiFi all day. Your browser will automatically open and bring you to the landing page.
  • Click "START".
  • Click "CONNECT" to agree to the Terms of Service
  • Click "Done" once the ad finishes.

One session is 30 minutes long. You can continue to have free Wi-Fi access by reconnecting and starting another 30-minute session, multiple times.

To ensure the quality of usage, minimum speed of connection is at 2.5Mbps. Overall quality of connection may vary depending on the device used, distance from the access point, abnormal/sudden surge in number of users, and possible wireless interference from other devices.

Your existing data subscription will not be affected by your Free Wi-Fi session through Google Station.

Yes. Google Station is open to all networks and Wi-Fi enabled devices.