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What is Mobile Number Portability (MNP)?

Mobile Number Portability (MNP) allows you to switch network providers while retaining your number.

Smart’s MNP Program complies with RA 11202 (the Mobile Number Portability Act) and is one with the government’s thrust to improve telco services in the country. Smart, together with other telecommunication companies, aims to set up external porting by 2021.

Benefits of Mobile Number Portability

  • Users can keep their existing number when switching to Smart

  • Switching to Smart is FREE of charge

  • Access to the latest data offers of the Philippines’ Fastest 5G Network

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How to Apply for

Interested subscribers from other networks can move to Smart without having to change their number by signing up. Porting options include:

  • Globe Prepaid to Smart Prepaid

  • Globe Postpaid to Smart Postpaid

  • DITO Prepaid to Smart Prepaid

Existing Smart, TNT, and Sun subscribers may easily transfer within Smart at a Smart Store near them. Porting options include:

  • Sun Postpaid to Smart Postpaid or Smart Prepaid

  • Smart Prepaid or TNT to Smart Postpaid

  • Smart Postpaid to Smart Prepaid or TNT

What do you need before making the Smart move?

  • Your mobile number must be active.

  • Your mobile number has no unpaid account charges.

  • You are using a Smart-locked or an open-line handset.

  • Your mobile number is not part of any product or service bundle.

  • Your mobile number must not be the primary or principal holder of multiple accounts.

  • Your mobile number must not have a pending transfer of mobile number ownership request.

  • Your mobile number has not applied for the MNP within the last 60 days.

  • Your mobile number is not associated with any fraudulent activity.

Internal Porting

Existing Smart, TNT, and Sun subscribers

  1. Government-issued ID

  2. Proof of Mobile Ownership. Learn More

  3. If you are porting your mobile number to a postpaid subscription, click here to view the requirements

External Porting

Interested subscriber from other networks

  1. Government-issued ID

  2. Unique Subscriber Code (USC)

    • - This is a 9-digit code issued by your current network provider to start the porting process

    • - This serves as a clearance that your account is free from unpaid fees and balances.

    • - This is valid for fifteen (15) days upon date of issue.

  3. Proof of Mobile Ownership