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Data-Tipid or Data-Gipit? Facebook for Free with Facebook Flex

Published on July 14, 2016

If you're one of the 26M Filipinos who checks on Facebook everyday using your mobile phone, then you know how important data is to your everyday thumb-scrolling ritual. That’s why for most Filipinos, making the most out of one’s data credits is important – from topping up pa-tingi-tingi at our suking tindahan to finding the right postpaid plan that gives the sakto amount of consumable data that fits our budget, we make sure we get the value-for-money data credits that lets us enjoy our Facebook newsfeed breaks with ease.

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But what happens when you run out of data credits when you need to do your hourly Facebook notifications check, while typing up a witty comment on a friend’s post, or when you’re in the middle of an important Facebook chat with your S.O.?

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Buti na lang, Facebook’s got a solution to your short-on-data problems. Kailangan mag-Facebook pero gipit sa data? There’s Facebook Flex that lets you enjoy the basic features of the platform in times of data credit emergencies. Enjoy scrolling your Facebook newsfeed anytime, anywhere, and even without data credits and get to chat, like, share, and comment using a basic version of Facebook – for free! Solid, 'di ba?


That’s right – whether you’ve forgotten to top-up or register to a data offer, consumed your data allocation for the month, or just saving your data credits for other apps, Facebook Flex is the flexible way for you to “switch” between using free and paid versions of Facebook so you can make the most out of your money’s worth of consumable data. It’s convenient enough for situations when you’ve got a potentially viral Facebook post to share but zero data credits on your phone.

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So the next time you need to manage your data consumption or in a sticky zero-data situation, try Facebook Flex. Kapag sa data ay gipit, sa Facebook Flex pwede kumapit!

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