A quick how-to on saving money and making new friends with Uber’s new features!


Published on July 26, 2016

We all love Uber but, ez be real, sometimes the ride can be pretty expensive. Especially if you have to deal with the bill all by yourself! *cue music*

I know, I know. #adultingproblems

Uber is making it easier & more affordable for you & me! Recently, the makers of the app unveiled two new features that might just help cut riding costs without sacrificing the comforts of a private service.

Meet your two new best friends: UberHOP and UberPOOL.

Both are ride-sharing services within the Uber app but with key differences.

UberHOP drives on fixed routes and on fixed fares. There’s a fixed pick-up location, that you would have to walk to, and there’s a fixed destination. It’s a lot like those commuter vans that wait for passengers outside big malls – except it’s a lot less crowded with 6 riders max.

Oh, and did we mention fixed fares? That means no surge pricing!

On the other hand, UberPOOL works a lot like the regular Uber but it makes multiple stops to pick-up riders in similar routes. Say you’re going from Point A to Point D, Uber might stop for riders in Point B and C (up to 4 in each car) whose destinations are in the same route as yours. Get it?

The only drawback for UberPOOL is the possibly longer ride due to multiple stops. But there’s also a chance of making new friends, or at least having someone to talk to in the traffic. And, lest we forget, the absolute fact of having someone (or some-three?) to split the bill with!

And cue…

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To catch them all or to not catch them all, that is the question.


Published on July 22, 2016

To catch them all or to not catch them all, especially if you’re on prepaid, that is the question.

It’s just a matter of time before the much-anticipated Pokemon Go gets to the Philippines (officially, at least!) – are your ready for it? Or, the more important question: can your prepaid data handle it?

We’ll find that out today!

But first, the weather forecast:

GIF Source:

And we’re back!

So, how much data does Pokemon Go use? Drumroll, please!

GIF Source:

The answer is… more than your usual mobile game but still very manageable. The rough estimate is 20MB* per hour. Definitely bigger than Clash of Clans at 0.37 MB a day, but still a lot less than Snapchat at about 7 to 10MB in just a few minutes. That means with 1GB of data, you can go around for more than 2 whole days catching as many Pokemons as you can.

But of course, it's always better to have fun without worrying about running out of data just as you spot that rare Pokemon!

Here are my tips on how to extend your 1GB of data while playing and eventually dominate Pokemon Gyms across the metro:

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I don’t always skip ads, but when I do, it’s because they’re not like these.

The Best Ads in the World, a Click Away

Published on July 16, 2016

I don’t know about you, but I don’t always skip the ads. I’ve seen ads that have made me laugh, made me cry, and made me think. Most importantly, they’ve made me pay attention.

Here’s a compilation of award-worthy ones that you may like:

While you’re watching these awesome videos, there are some things to keep in mind should you want to make your own:

While not all the ads in the world get an award, I can’t help but feel that this might be a homegrown contender:

So maybe that’s the big lesson for brands and aspiring online personalities nowadays: have a real story to tell, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll get a share rather a skip.

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Level-up from a selfie? You know you want to.

2 Facebook Features You Need to Know Right Now!

Published on July 15, 2016

The Social Network was one of my favorite movies to stream, and even with that movie I don't think anyone could have ever imagined just how big Facebook could be today (except our boy Mark Zuckerberg).


If you're not convinced, consider this:

  • Your favorite brand of sneakers is on Facebook
  • Your oversharing Tita is on Facebook
  • You've shed a manly tear because of a video you watched … on Facebook

Also, did you ever imagine watching a video where you can pan 360 degrees and see more than just what your screen shows you? How about taking more than just a photo and actually broadcast something live on your mobile phone?

Well guys and gals, over the past few months, Facebook has released some new features that have really blown my mind!

Facebook 360

With jus t a smartphone (or a specialized 360 camera), I can now shoot videos that you can swipe to get a full circle camera view. Check out what those crazy guys at HBO did with the Game of Thrones Opening Credits:

Wondering how they did it? You will need the following:


1 Buy a 360°Camera


2 Realize you can't afford it.


3 Have Tita buy it for you on your birthday.

Facebook Live

Instantly, every Facebook user can now be a broadcaster. I can stream everything from videos of my pet goldfish to a boxing match outside a hardware store. See how Tastemade goes kawaii:

It's easy peasy, really. This is how you do it!


Amazing stuff, and the technology has just been out for a couple of months. What'll they come up with next? More importantly, what'll YOU come up with next? Tweet me, and I'll feature it on this blog!

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Explore the new Twitter stickers and how they can up your Twitter pic game.

7 Times You Can Use Twitter's #Stickers

Published on July 12, 2016

So, it seems that makeovers aren't just for the ladies. A lot of apps and social media sites are really upping their game, and Twitter's caught my attention lately. By doing away with the character count for pictures, videos, and links, Twitter is starting to hear out what we've wished for for so long! Now, they've rolled out a response to Snapchat—STICKERS! Thanks to this update, you can start customizing your pictures with a set of stickers and these can serve as visual hashtags! Solid, ‘di ba? I had too much fun with them over the weekend, so here are 7 ways you can use them every day.

  1. When you're having a bad hair day smart-marty-article-twitterstickers-img01 We all have those days that we really need to post a selfie but medyo deinz because of a bad hair day.
  2. When you wanna look awake in class smart-marty-article-twitterstickers-2 When you’re super sleepy but you gotta slide through your day.
  3. When you want to binge on food but you're on a diet smart-marty-article-twitterstickers-3 Posting food you can't eat might be torture, but if it's in emoji form, then I'm all for it!
  4. To look like a cool jock smart-marty-article-twitterstickers-4 Got a lot of sports in mind but you're not really sure how to play them? Play all of them at the same time with these emoji stickers!
  5. Win the girls over with a hobby smart-marty-article-twitterstickers-5Wanna impress that girl na matagal mo nang crush? How about a serenade? No?
  6. Show the world how hard you party smart-marty-article-twitterstickers-6 With these stickers, you can attend the coolest parties with your friends… and you don't even have to be there!
  7. When Snapchat's filters just ain't cuttin' it smart-marty-article-twitterstickers-7 Have you used up ALL of Snapchat's filters? Well, no surprise there! With these stickers, you can explore more “filters” to decorate your photos and express yourself more! Happy sticker-ing!

Can’t figure out this sticker thingy? Check out my easy, 4-step guide below!

  1. Add a photo to your tweet!
  2. Click on the sticker icon and select stickers!
  3. The stickers will be added to your photo. smart-marty-article-twitterstickers-img12
  4. Save and tweet it! smart-marty-article-twitterstickers-img13
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Drive your workouts with your mobile data using these 5 cool fitness apps.

5 Fitness Apps for the Data-Fit!

Published on July 12, 2016


Picture this: you’ve put on your favorite pair of sporty sneakers, you have the perfect playlist to pump you up, and you’re looking forward to a killer exercise day. Which is solid, man but you might want and check out these three awesome apps that’ll help take your fitness routine to the next level without busting your mobile data plan!

  1. MyFitnessPal
    First, we have the amazing MyFitnessPal! It’s loaded with tons of great, easy-to-use features. Plan out your day with its food library, calorie and nutrient counter, and cardio calculator to estimate how many calories your burned in a session! The best part? It’s FREE and it won’t consume more data than using an online search engine.
  2. Nike+ Running
    There’s something quite special about Nike+ Running that turns your everyday running sessions into journeys. It’ll barely leave a dent in your data plan since it’ll only track your current location and area as you run. What do you get from this perfect running partner? It tracks daily progress as well as sets milestones to push you into overdrive! So get ready, set, download!
  3. Motion Traxx
    I take it you like your exercises with a dash of music, right? Well get ready for Motion Traxx: your not-so typical music and fitness app! It’ll pump you up with intense workouts synced to a beat, so you’ll literally be moving to the music. Plus, you can also have access to their playlists of extreme workout music for your own use. Data usage? Not a problem! It won’t use up more than your average music app (about 2.5MB for 4 minutes of music). Turn it up!
  4. Sworkit
    Wouldn’t it be cool to have a personal trainer? Well, now your wondering is over with Sworkit! That’s right, this little app takes the personal trainer thing to a whole new level with video tutorials for exercises varying in length and intensity depending on how much you want to feel that burn! Data usage is also pretty light because you’ll only need it for checking out more of their workouts online. You can also shell out $4.99 (around PHP230) a month for its awesome premium features like customisable workouts per body part!
  5. GuavaPass
    Itching for a quick fitness session to start off your day? Then you should check get GuavaPass, your one pass to access hundreds of fitness classes all around manila! This awesome app helps you choose activities based on your preferred time and what kind of activity you want (anything from Crossfit training to boxing and more!) all for a reasonable monthly fee! Plus, it’ll keep your data consumption manageable by only updating the list of fitness activities going on and where to find them instantly. So download, book a session and let loose!

So there you have it, my fitness buds! Get ready to amp-up your lifestyle and feel the burn with these awesome fitness apps. Remember to stay data-fit as well as body-fit, and these apps should be a big help for you to achieve both. But if you’re still a bit worried about your data usage, never fear! I’ll address the topic of how much data other apps may consume right here!

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