Marty lays down the 411 on mobile game data consumption.

Gamer on the go? Relax, your data’s fine

Published on August 12, 2016

Marty lays down the 411 on mobile game data consumption.

Are you a heavy mobile gamer? If you are, I’m guessing one of your biggest concerns, especially if you’re a prepaid user, is how much data your favorite games consume.

Thing is, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a complete resource of mobile data usage across all gaming apps, but here’s a list from analytics platform M2 App that might give you insight on a favorite game or two:

Top 10 Android Games Globally

These numbers are fairly accurate but MB usage may still vary on your connection and the handset you use.

For the CoC players out there, you’ll be happy to know that your prepaid data is not under attack. At an average of 0.37MB of data usage per day (not, like, the WHOLE day – just an hour or two on average), that’s nowhere near close to even the lowest prepaid data cap. Candy Crush uses even less data (But, you know, it really depends on whether or not you’re playing for extended periods of time).

Multiplayer games like Hearthstone and location-based games like Pokemon Go, and anything in between that downloads ads and patches in the background to the ones that upload scores, use more than others but it’s still manageable if you only play for a few hours a day. (Phew! Extra relieved to know that there’s no stopping the Pokemon Go mania!)

Of course, if you’re really scrimping, the best way to save on mobile data and still get your gaming fix is to switch it up with offline games. There are a lot that don’t require constant Internet access once it’s downloaded on your phone. Some of my favorites include Angry Birds, Badland, Crossy Road and Shadow Fight.

More than games, it’s actually social media apps like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, and video streaming apps like Netflix, that’s killing your data. As with anything, moderation is key! Here’s a guide I wrote previously to help you manage your data consumption better.

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Say no to FOMO!

9 Things You Miss Out On When You Run Out of Data

Published on October 18, 2016

Say no to FOMO!

  1. The new photo your crush uploaded.
  2. That one rare Pokemon that you’ve been trying to catch for ages.

    Marty: Dude, I caught a Dragonite
    at our other fave hangout spot!

  3. Half of the video that you’re streaming or downloading.
  4. Two words, bes: SEAT SAAAAALE!
  5. And other online-exclusive deals.
  6. The viral post that’s driving your friends crazy.
  7. Or an inside joke shared over the official group that only you are not aware of.
  8. Weather updates.
  9. And, lastly...

  10. The instant gratification of posting your travel photos. You know what they say! Pics or...

Make sure you don’t miss out on the great wonders of the Internets. Load up and learn how to manage your data better.

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Check out and stream my picks for the best comic book-to-screen adaptations!


Published on September 26, 2016

You may think that there’s nothing for you at a comic convention if you’re not into reading comics. But nowadays, people don’t need to read comic books to have a reason to love that haven of a convention. Don’t believe me? Log on to iflix and check out all their comic book movies.

I know there’s a lot of streaming sites out there, but I really find iflix as a treasure chest of my favorite comic book movies, TV shows, and more. Here are my top picks (in no particular order) that can be streamed through the site:

1. Arrow


Based on the comic book Green Arrow, this series gets more exciting every season as new story arcs paint a picture of the whole DC comicverse. And may mas solid pa ba sa vigilante whose weapon of choice is a bow and arrow?

2. Flash


A spinoff of Arrow, Flash is a modern retelling of the DC Comics classic The Flash. It’s more comic book-y than Arrow, and that’s just fine.

Actually, staying true to the comic book makes it great. Solid talaga! Not to mention its clever sense of humor.

3. Gotham


The most interesting thing about this show is that it’s a Batman series sans Batman. And if you ever wondered how Commissioner Gordon was when he was younger, then this is something that you should really watch.

4. The Dark Knight Rises


For people who grew up watching Batman movies like me, why wouldn’t this be a fave? Actually, I like the whole Dark Knight trilogy. Director Christopher Nolan did a great job in creating Batman movies that are more grounded and not caught up in their own drama. As to why Rises is the best installment for me: Catwoman is played by the gorgeous Anne Hathaway.

5. Watchmen


Not your typical superhero movie, Watchmen is based on the best-selling graphic novel set in 1985 at the height of Cold War between the US and the Soviet Union. It depicts an alternate history where (pseudo) superheroes are present. What makes it great? It’s dark, satirical take on the superhero genre.

By and large, the reason I love them so much (and probably why others do too) is ‘cause of their more humanized characters and dramatic storylines. Add some intense fights scenes and stunning visual effects and you’ve got a comic book moving right before your very eyes.


In fact, I can’t get enough of them that I watch them all the time. Mobile apps like iflix let you stream awesome TV shows, movies, and more even when you’re on the go! But make sure you have enough data when you do. An hour of streaming should use about 700MB of mobile data. So bust out your phones and watch (or rewatch) some action-packed shows and movies. See you all at the next convention!

*All content shown is available on iflix

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Instagram launches a copycat Stories feature. Is this the end for Snapchat?

Does Instagram Stories Mark the End of Snapchat?

Published on September 21, 2016

Instagram launches a copycat Stories feature. Is this the end for Snapchat?


Tbh: Snapchat to Instagram right now.

Last month, Instagram dropped a brick on Snapchat (and the rest of Internet-savvy mankind, really) by launching a feature that’s almost exactly like the second’s Story feature, also very blatantly named Stories. The update came on the heels of Snapchat Memories’ launch.

Instagram’s Stories feature, like Snapchat’s Story feature, banks on photos and videos with a 24-hour expiration date. To Instagram, it’s a solution to overposting, as well as a means for users to get more creative with their updates.

Here’s a cheek-to-cheek comparison of Snapchat and Instagram’s Stories features:


As you can see, there aren’t really much that differentiate the two features. I think Snapchat’s stickers and geotagging filters are still enough to inspire loyalty among its users, but Instagram has also made it convenient for a lot of users who may or may not have been considering to download a second photo-sharing app.

Twitter has weighed in on the Instagram vs Snapchat debate. Look what everyone else is saying:

How about you? Have you tried Instagram Stories? Are you Team Instagram or Team Snapchat?

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Your phone might be in need of some serious app-(down)load.

Mobile App-Date

Published on September 02, 2016

Your phone might be in need of some serious app-(down)load.

Finally jumped in the Snapchat bandwagon? Good for you. Go on, post that puppy-filtered selfie! Now, to avoid an even more serious case of FOMO, check out this list for apps that should grace your phone with its presence, STAT!


1. Beme

In a world full of filters and master editing, Beme encourages everyone to bring some authenticity to social media. Like Instagram, it allows users to post pictures and videos. Only, this time, users don’t get a preview of what they’re posting.


2. Periscope

If it’s real-time updates that you seek Periscope will give you a peek. Twitter’s live streaming app can let you watch and react to video streaming of what your friends are up to ATM.


3. Yik Yak

If you’re looking to expand your social circles, you may just find a kindred soul in Yik Yak. This app allows you to anonymously communicate with users within your desired range, as determined through GPS.


4. Anchor

Dubbed as “Audio Twitter,” this would be a great app to try for airing personal views and opinions. There won’t be any worry of being misread, as emotions can be clearly mirrored in your voice.


5. Peach

From the creators of Vine, comes a Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr hybrid that only allows content to be viewed by friends, and friends of friends.


Are you tapping on that Google Play/Apple Store icon yet? You know you should.

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Your Snaps can now live on for as long as you like!

Snapchat: 'Forever' exists… with new Memories feature

Published on August 19, 2016

Your Snaps can now live on for as long as you like!

Have you checked Snapchat Memories, Brendon?

In case you haven't heard, micro-vlogging app Snapchat now lets Snaps live on for more than 24 hours in users' Snapchat accounts; in an added feature that's a lot like like your phone's Camera Roll. A searchable photo and video album, if you will.


This is just one key function of Snapchat Memories, which now also allows users to reshare old Snaps and share photos and videos captured outside of the app to their Story feed.

Swipe up to access Memories
Tap on the Camera Roll tab to access
photos and videos saved on your phone.
Pick what you want to share.
Edit. Share your Story!

Through Memories, users can create Stories out of old and new Snaps, and other photos and videos as well.

Pick a photo or video edit. Swipe up to reveal a drop-down menu.
Choose 'Create Story from this snap'. You can also choose to keep this private by selecting 'My Eyes Only'.
Select other photo or videos that you want to add to the story.
Click 'Create Story', edit and share when you're done!.

Check out the funny promotional video below:

It's a bit ironic for an app that's founded on the idea of disappearing Snaps, but I'm pretty sure a lot of you will love the Memories feature. Let me know what you think of it!

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The best things in life are libre – lalo na if it's libreng internet.

Did someone say… FREE INTERNET?

Published on August 12, 2016

The best things in life are libre – lalo na if it's libreng internet.


You read that right! You can access certain apps and websites – like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Cebu Pacific, BPI, foodpanda – wherever and whenever you like, for FREE! Kahit na walang public WiFi! All you need is a Smart / Sun SIM and a smartphone. True story ‘to, bros, and no catch!

One word: freenet.

Supporting the idea that connectivity is a human right, the guys at Smart Communications and Voyager Innovations gifted the world with Freenet – a platform that brings basic online services for free without data charges.

It’s useful for when you forget to greet that friend a “Happy birthday!” on FB, but you’re stuck in traffic and you don’t have enough load for a data promo. Or when there’s a Cebu Pacific Piso sale you just have to book and you’re still out on dinner with friends. Hassle, ‘di ba?

Well, hassled you no longer have to be! Here’s how you can use freenet to your advantage:


Make sure to turn on your cellular data before you start browsing and to browse only the supported websites via the app or through the Freenet website so it won’t consume your prepaid load. And voila! — free Internet is yours for the taking! You may visit for more info.

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What you really need to know about Viber Out in a nutshell.

Make That Call!

Published on August 12, 2016

So, you’re out to catch ‘em all. You find out that the next PokéStop is a long drive away. This is a Pokémon GO emergency, and this can’t wait ‘til your buddies are online! What to do when your team is taking too long to respond to your Viber message?

Lucky for you, I have a solution: Viber Out.


Viber Out is a Viber service that allows users to call any phone number, even if they do not have the Viber Application installed!

Here’s what you need to know before enjoying this feature:

  1. It runs on Viber Credit.

    Viber Out credits are an in-application denomination that you can purchase through the application and pay and pay in-app if you’re using an Android. You can charge against your prepaid load or postpaid bill!
  2. Rates vary depending on the country you’re calling.

    You can check them out by selecting More Options>> Viber Out>> View Rates
  3. You can call any phone number.

    You can call any number on your contact list, be it mobile or landline. Just make sure it follows the complete international format.

How is that? Now, make that call.

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