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Work hard, play hard

Play these cool YouTubers on your phone to get the know how

Play these cool YouTubers on your phone to get the know how

Published on October 9, 2017

Work hard, play hard is my motto for life! All work and no play makes Marty a dull boy. When I have a quick break, I like to unwind with some YouTube videos! I always make sure to check for any video updates to the channels I’ve subscribed to, especially those of my favorite Filipino vloggers. Here are some of the vloggers I follow!

Ramon Bautista

The king of hugots, Ramon Bautista’s most popular YouTube videos is the series “Tales from the Friendzone.” This series is composed of stories sent to the channel, and are interpreted by Ramon Bautista into video form.Check out Ramon Bautista’s videos for laughs and heart wrenching stories that are sure to entertain.

Bogart the Explorer

The biggest name on this list, Bogart the Explorer, is one of the funniest people on YouTube! Hailing from Davao City, Bogart is known for his entertaining skits about relatable things in the life of Filipinos. He explores the Philippines and the people around it and gives a funny take on each situation he ends up in. His videos are located in the channel of PaperbugTV

Noypi Geeks

Noypi Geeks is my go-to for all things tech related in the Philippines! Thanks to Adam Parnala and the rest of the team I always have a source of video reviews and tech trends. They’re particularly helpful with their hands-on tech reviews of new gadgets and other tech related items.

Kyle Jennerman

Coming from Canada, but grew up in Cagayan De Oro, Kyle Jennerman is a person who has made the Philippines his home! Kyle’s videos are all about traveling the Philippines, and experiencing Filipino culture in many ways, from checking out new sights, and eating different kinds of food. If you feel like seeing the Philippines from the eyes of a foreigner who has fallen in love with the country, then this blog is for you!

You’re probably a bit scared to use your mobile data on YouTube videos, but you don’t have to worry because Smart has your back TODAY! With this new package you can watch UNLIMITED VIDEOS on YouTuber for one hour, just for 10PHP! You can pause and play throughout the day, so not a second of the promo is wasted. All you have to do is text VIDEO10 to 9999 and your YouTube break can get started and press play!

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Now is the best time to play Everwing

Get exclusive Bonuses on Everwing when you play with Smart

Get exclusive Bonuses on Everwing when you play with Smart

Published on August 4, 2017

Okay so if you guys haven’t noticed the Everwing craze has gotten bigger than ever, becoming the biggest game on Messenger. I’ve shared my tips on how to become the best player, but there’s more in store for Smart subscribers.

1.Rush Potions

Smart subscribers get  20% off on Rush Potions which will help you breeze through challenges! With a Rush Potion, you can start a run at 1000 points! Really helpful if you want to beat your friend’s high score! Having these for cheaper really lets you feel the adrenaline rush!



2.Free Arcane Blasts

For every day of play, Smart subscribers get the awesome Arcane Blast totally free! This item can help you defeat powerful Raid Bosses in record time! The more bosses you beat, the more loot you can get your hands on!

Image 1


3.Smart Eggs

Saving the best for last, are the awesome Smart Eggs for only 10k gold! The Smart Egg has a higher chance of hatching Legendary Philippine dragons, like the Sar! The egg is only available until August 15 so don’t wait up for it, and buy as many as you can right now.


Image 2

Those are some of the best things you can get playing Everwing with Smart Mobile Data. You’re probably already excited to start playing and grabbing these awesome bonuses. Accessing them is simple. All you gotta do in order to get these awesome features is to play the game with Smart Mobile Data, best done through GIGASURF 50 by texting GIGA50 to 9999! GIGASURF 50 gets you 1GB of mobile data plus unlimited texting to all networks!

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Mobile Legends: The New Best Competitive Mobile Game

If you aren’t playing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang yet, here are 6 reasons you should

If you aren’t playing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang yet, here are 6 reasons you should

Published on July 18, 2017

Mobile Legends: Bang bang is the latest in a long list of awesome Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games the big difference for this one is that you can play this one on your phone.  Full on 5v5 matches with simple, but memorable maps, this MOBAs isworth your time. With over 60 million downloadsall over the world most of you are probably already playing this game by now. If you aren’t, here are 5 reasons why you should.

1. Quick Matches

A drawback in a lot of games DotA or LoL is that they’re time consuming. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, since it means long and fun matches.However for a casual player on the go, it can be a bit of a drag. Mobile Legends boasts 10-second matchmaking and 10 minute matches. This means that you can load up and play a quick game any time without having to worrytoo much about the time. Perfect for a casual gamer.




2. Two Fingers to Play

As a game that’s on mobile, it has a lot of simple controls. You’ll have a button for movement on the left and skill buttons on the right.You’ll be a master at these controls in no time. Not to mention, the fine aiming of the game is done for you,thanks to auto-locking. This means you can focus on using skills and attacking enemies without worrying about missing on them.



3.Play to Win


A worry people have with online mobile games is that they tend to be a pay-to-win system, which means you’d have to drop in real money to make your characters stronger. That’s not how it is with Mobile Legends. In this game, you have characters that everyone else can use and victories are all won through skill and teamwork.




4. Offline Help

Sometimes while playing, stuff happens and you get disconnected from a match. This isn’t a problem when playing Mobile Legends. With the reconnection system you’ll be back in the game in no time. While you’re gone, a bot will also takeover for you, to support your teammates so they won’t be in trouble.



5. Regular Tournaments


This is a big draw to players interested in winning big and becoming pro gamers. In Mobile Legends, tournaments and rankings are regular.You’ll always be able to find out how good you are versus other players. Not to mention when playing in a team, you’ll be able to play with other very skilled players. Thanks to these tournaments and their prizes, pros will be very interested in a game like this.



6. Fun and Interesting Characters

The most important part of any video game is definitely the characters. Mobile Legends has a huge number of fun characters you can choose to play as. You can be Alucard a Demon Hunter who wields a cool sword, or villainess Alice Queen of the Apocalypse, or Bruno a cyborg football player from the future, or even Lapu-Lapu!


So here are 6 reasons to play Mobile Legends if you haven’t started playing. Maybe these are enough to get you to start playing. So don’t wait up and try it out!I may see you in a match!

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Everwing-ing It!

Tips and tricks to being the best at Everwing

Tips and tricks to being the best at Everwing

Published on July 13, 2017

Ever since Messenger games were released, one game has been getting the biggest craze of them all. I know that you all know what I what I’m talking about, it’s the game that is in all of your group chats and game invites. Yes, it’s Everwing. Chances are,you are already playing this game non-stop. If you haven’t yet, then you should!Check out some of my tips to being the best Everwing player out of all your friends.

Include a brief background about the game, what one can do – normal play, boss raids, quest; and intro to characters and sidekicks, on what they can do.

1. Always do Challenges as soon as possible.

Challenge missions are every day and let you get small, but helpful daily rewards. Before anything always finish the current challenge mission to help you get that extra bit of rewards. Lily is a very solid choice for these kinds of things.


Everwing 1


2. Better with friends

Now since it’s a Messenger game, it’s better with friends. Instead of just playing alone, what you should always do is open the game on a group chat, with other people who play Everwing, and go crazy from there. With this method you’ll get the best prizes. You can even invite your friends to help you out during raid bosses for even bigger rewards!


Everwing 2


3. Unlock all the fairies

Different fairies are good for different things, so upgrade and use them wisely. Sophia, for example, is good for quests; while Lenore is good for active battles. Also note that Lily gives twice the amount of Gold. Lenore is my personal favorite because she has two lives, which is extra helpful for boss battles and a lot other situations.


Everwing 3


4. Make use of dragons

Dragons have a really huge effect on the game, so it’s smart to use them as much as you can. This includes buying as many eggs. Don’t worry about duplicates because you’ll need those duplicates to evolve your dragons! Preferably you want duplicate dragons to have the same zodiac sign for an even bigger boost! You can unlock a ton of dragons in raid bosses. Don’t underestimate common dragons though, while their powers aren’t as flashy, common dragons tend to be more damage oriented than the legendary ones. So when getting ready to face raid bosses, it’s great to have your common dragons around.


Everwing 4

5. Raid Bosses

The best part of the game for me is all the raid bosses. Raid bosses change every week so you wanna beat them as soon as possible! By beating bosses you have an even bigger chance to get rare dragons. Take note the best way to beat them is damage dragons, getting help from your friends, and using Lenore for all that extra life. With these strategies in mind you’ll be the best Everwing player around!



Everwing 5


6. Questing Strategies

Going on quests is another excellent aspect of the game that leaves no time wasted and no fairy idle! You can send fairies you’re not currently equipped with on quests, together with 2 dragons, and they’ll complete it after a set amount of time. The stronger the fairy, the better the quest reward! Your strategy should be while you’re currently playing, send in your less powerful fairies on short and quick quests. When you’re expecting a lull of not playing, like before you sleep or when you go to work, send in your best fairy out!


Everwing 6

7. Watch your data!

Now how about a good ‘ol Marty the Smarty data saving tip? When you first start playing Everwing, it’s gonna consume 10MB to save the game to your phone. Not to fear though, once that first download is done, the game will only use up 200KB to 1MB of data an hour!

Everwing 7

Those are my tips to becoming the top of the game at Everwing! If you haven’t been playing yet, now’s your chance to get on the craze with these tips too!

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Cool School Apps

Apps perfect for getting back to school

Apps perfect for getting back to school

Published on July 12, 2017

Ever since smartphones entered the scene, getting things done has never been easier. Doing schoolwork has got a lot more convenient with phones having bigger screens that make doing research much better on. Thanks to mobile data, you can also now find online references anywhere you are so you can work even while on the go. Here are some apps that can make your school life a bit easier.


With its simple design and organized interface, Evernote has always been the best note-taking app. Thanks to its latest update, it gained new features like to-do lists, reminders, and improved interconnectivity through devices. This means that you can easily transition from your laptop to your phone without missing a single note. If you’re more of the photo taking kind, it even has a neat scanning feature! Evernote can keep you organized even through the craziest of hell weeks.




Dropbox Mobile is the perfect app for keeping your files safe. You can back-up the files you’re currently working on, share notes and readings with your classmates, and coordinate better for group projects. Dropbox Paper even lets multiple users work on the same document at the same time, for better collaboration on group papers. Even if you’re not physically together then, you can still work together as a team.




Citation is a very tiring, but necessary process when doing research papers. Sometimes the hardest part of doing a paper is building the bibliography. EasyBib makes that part easier with automatic access to over 7,000 citations styles. You just need to type in the book you need to cite and the citation format you’ll be using and Easybib will do the rest.




Quizlet lets you turn studying for tests into a fun game. This app lets you search for flashcards created by users, and even lets you create flashcard sets of your own. Withflashcards sets, you can then play games to help you strengthen your memory in the form of multiple choice quizzes.




Learning a new language has never been more fun with Duolingo. This app generates lessons and games to help you memorize words of a particular language. It even gives tests that help you apply what you’ve learned so far in a language of your choice.Some of the available languages are Chinese, French, and Spanish!




These apps are the best kinds to help you in your schoolwork and really level up your studying skills. The best part is that it all fits in your pocket! Going to school has never been this cool.

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Surfing Along EDSA

#SmartWiFi EDSA is perfect for commuters!

#SmartWiFi EDSA is perfect for commuters!

Published on June 30, 2017

Here in Metro Manila commuting isn’t just traveling; it’s a way of life. It’s a part of the daily grind. A commuter gets in a cramped train a normal person, and he or she gets out a survivor. 

My personal favorite method of commuting is via train thanks to all the stations and stops that almost always take me to places I need to go. Thanks to my trusty data plan and fully charged phone, getting to destination never feels like a long wait. However this does use a large amount of battery life. But now thanks to #SmartWifi EDSA my commute is a lot more interesting! 

In partnership with the government, all 13 MRT stations are now have free Wifi care of Smart! It’s 30 minutes of free Wifi with NO DATA CAP! After the 30 minutes all you need is top up by paying 20 pesos and you’ll get an additional 2 hours! Any extra time is valid for 2 days so you’ll even have Wifi time the day after. 

I’ve been using it myself and it’s been a great experience. It’s quick to sign up and really fast too, almost hitting 204 Mbps. With this Wifi speed I was tweeting, sending messages, streaming some music, and watching funny videos no problem. After a while I didn’t even notice I’d already arrived at my destination!

So next time you’re commuting to work, school, or just heading somewhere, give it a shot! You won’t have to worry about boring old commutes or running out of battery too soon ever again.

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Messenger Games

Play all these games on Messenger

Play all these games on Messenger

Published on June 28, 2017

So Facebook Messenger just recently released made available a bunch of  games here in Philippines. With this new app update you’ll notice a nifty controller button on the bottom right side. This takes you to the huge library of games available on Messenger.


Messenger games can be really fun as it gives you a chance to complete with your friends through the app. There is even a leaderboard that tracks your ranking, making things even more competitive among your friends and you! Here are some of my favorite games so far.

Words with Friends

Probably the best game so far. With Words with Friends you can compete in this Scrabble type game you can challenge a friend to a game of vocabulary. It’s a fun game you can play over a long period of time too. So you and a friend can play it casually while having conversation, or pause when either is busy. Watch out though, Words with Friends tends to use a large amount of background data even when you’re not playing with an average of 5 MB an hour.




A classic game that’s transitioned to mobile and is here to stay. It plays just the like the original Galaga but with an updated color freshness and a sharper background music. Longtime fans or even younger audiences are gonna love this fun and addictive game.


Master Archer

This game has you shooting fruit of a character’s head as a master archer. A surprisingly challenging game that gets you more points the longer your perfect streak lasts. It’s a great game to play when you want to pass the time.


Master Archer



And now we’ve reached full circle. The classic that was on our Nokia’s has made a comeback. Snake has everything you loved from the original and more. With its green background it certainly amps the nostalgia up. A new feature is the ability to unlock eggs, which unlocks levels with new challenges as you go along. A great update to a great classic!




This one you’ve probably already heard about. In Everwing you control a fairy as she uses her magic attacks to face an endless horde of evil dragons. Along the way you can unlock new characters and upgrade your attacks. You can even find a good dragon to team up with. It’s a pretty fun game where you can even challenge friends to a weekly tournament to see who’s the best.



So those are my favorite games on Messenger! What are yours? What’s your high score? Think you can top mine?

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The Lite Side

These Lite versions of apps to help you save data!

These Lite versions of apps to help you save data!

Published on May 15, 2017

Social media and the internet is a place with constant updates. You can miss out on a lot if you’re low on data. Luckily here are three Lite versions of your favorite social apps to help keep you updated.

Facebook Lite

Facebook is great because it offers so many ways of keeping track of your account. A popular one is Facebook Lite.. It is a separate downloaded app which is much smaller than the main Facebook app, so its good if you also want to save up on memory space.The FB Lite sample (left) versus the FB (right) shows a simpler interface and larger font. It also doesn’t auto-play videos, only playing them when you tap on it.


YouTube Go

YouTube Go hasn’t been released yet but it’s looking to be a great extension to YouTube. It most likely will be a separate app that’s smaller than the current YouTube app. Currently, there is no release date for it but it remains to be widely anticipated. Why? It’s because the app lets you manage your data usage while still being able to watch quality videos. You can get notifications from your favorite channels and even download your favorite videos! The highlight feature is that you can adjust the quality of videos you watch and upload so you can decide how much data you will use for each one, and even offers offline viewing.

YouTube Go


Twitter Lite

Twitter Lite just rolled out and unlike the other 2 separate apps you don’t need to download anything. This one works on your mobile web browser from Loading the page uses only 1MB and you can go into more data saving with the data saver mode that doesn’t load images unless you press “view photo.”


TWitter Lite

With all these Liteversions, it’s easier to go online and stay updated through social media without hurting your mobile data subscription!

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