Work hard, play hard

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Work hard, play hard

Play these cool YouTubers on your phone to get the know how

Play these cool YouTubers on your phone to get the know how

Published on October 9, 2017

Work hard, play hard is my motto for life! All work and no play makes Marty a dull boy. When I have a quick break, I like to unwind with some YouTube videos! I always make sure to check for any video updates to the channels I’ve subscribed to, especially those of my favorite Filipino vloggers. Here are some of the vloggers I follow!

Ramon Bautista

The king of hugots, Ramon Bautista’s most popular YouTube videos is the series “Tales from the Friendzone.” This series is composed of stories sent to the channel, and are interpreted by Ramon Bautista into video form.Check out Ramon Bautista’s videos for laughs and heart wrenching stories that are sure to entertain.

Bogart the Explorer

The biggest name on this list, Bogart the Explorer, is one of the funniest people on YouTube! Hailing from Davao City, Bogart is known for his entertaining skits about relatable things in the life of Filipinos. He explores the Philippines and the people around it and gives a funny take on each situation he ends up in. His videos are located in the channel of PaperbugTV

Noypi Geeks

Noypi Geeks is my go-to for all things tech related in the Philippines! Thanks to Adam Parnala and the rest of the team I always have a source of video reviews and tech trends. They’re particularly helpful with their hands-on tech reviews of new gadgets and other tech related items.

Kyle Jennerman

Coming from Canada, but grew up in Cagayan De Oro, Kyle Jennerman is a person who has made the Philippines his home! Kyle’s videos are all about traveling the Philippines, and experiencing Filipino culture in many ways, from checking out new sights, and eating different kinds of food. If you feel like seeing the Philippines from the eyes of a foreigner who has fallen in love with the country, then this blog is for you!

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