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Going Big

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is large and in charge

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is large and in charge

Published on September 7, 2017

The Galaxy Note series has always been my favorite smartphone series from Samsung. The new features that come have always wowed me every year it gets released, with all that S8 brought to the table earlier this year, Note8 had a lot to live up to. So, I gotta say Note 8 did not disappoint!

Galaxy Standard



Everything I love from a Galaxy phone, Note8 has it in XL! It’s got the ever present and always great water and dust resistance (IP68), something Samsung was the first to introduce, meaning Note8 can go anywhere you want it to. The display can even be written on while the device is wet so no rain can stop this powerhouse.

Let’s not forget the protection on the inside of the phone! With powerful biometric security locks and authentication options, and a Secure Folder for all your security needs, you can be sure your information inside this phone is for your eyes only. Not only is it bigger but it’s also faster! The powerful performance from the 6GB RAM, 10nm processor, and expandable memory means this phone can do almost anything incredibly fast. Not to mention wireless charging which charges fast and easy!

Infinity Plus One



With the biggest screen on a Note device, I expected it to be able to do even more, and I was right! The Note series has always been amazing for its ability to not just have a big display, but to do big things with it too. The Note series has also been notable for its ability to have more than one app on display with Multi Window. So what can this 6.3-inch Quad HD+ Super AMOLED Infinity Display do? Along with an Infinity Display, Note8 brings with it an infinite set of possibilities with App Pair. From the Edge Panel, you can create a set up launching two apps at once! You can read the websites and load up videos, or chat with your friends while drawing an animated character to send them. The possibilities are endless!

S Pen Powered Up



When you think Galaxy Note, you also imagine it with the S Pen! The Note 8 has an even sharper, more refined S Pen with a ton of new features for you to play with. It now has Live Message, letting you communicate visually to tell better stories and send better messages. The Note 8’s S Pen is sharper, letting your drawings be cleaner and more precise. You can share your animated drawings and texts to anyone like you could share a GIF!

And just like in the previous iterations, the Always On Display makes an awesome comeback! This is something I’ve always found really innovative. Sometimes I type in information I need to remember in my phone, but I have to unlock my phone if I wanna check it again. Not with Note 8 though! Memos can be jotted down on the locked screen without having to open the phone.  With a larger screen, you can never have too much space to put your memos on the screen while on the go. The Note 8’s locked screen can hold a hundred notes that can be edited, pinned, and checked with just a simple use of the S Pen.

Double Camera Power



Finally we’re down to my favorite feature of the new Note 8 - the camera! Or should I say the two cameras! Now Samsung has always had the best cameras for smartphones, but this time Samsung decided put two awesome rear cameras into the Note 8. It has a wide-angle lens for background, scenery shots, and a telephoto lens for sharper close-ups. They even added a cool new feature called Dual Capture Mode, which lets you use both cameras at once to take a shot,  giving you both a more defined close-up and a beautiful picture of the entire background, in just one shot!

Truly the Samsung Note 8 is the biggest thing you’ll see in today’s phones. It’s a big powerhouse phone that lets you do bigger things, whether it be almost infinite possibilities of multitasking or taking beautiful shots in different resolutions and focuses. I’ve never been more excited for a phone in my entire life, and I can’t wait to preorder mine on September 8!

Marty the Smarty