Now is the best time to play Everwing

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Now is the best time to play Everwing

Get exclusive Bonuses on Everwing when you play with Smart

Get exclusive Bonuses on Everwing when you play with Smart

Published on August 4, 2017

Okay so if you guys haven’t noticed the Everwing craze has gotten bigger than ever, becoming the biggest game on Messenger. I’ve shared my tips on how to become the best player, but there’s more in store for Smart subscribers.

1.Rush Potions

Smart subscribers get  20% off on Rush Potions which will help you breeze through challenges! With a Rush Potion, you can start a run at 1000 points! Really helpful if you want to beat your friend’s high score! Having these for cheaper really lets you feel the adrenaline rush!



2.Free Arcane Blasts

For every day of play, Smart subscribers get the awesome Arcane Blast totally free! This item can help you defeat powerful Raid Bosses in record time! The more bosses you beat, the more loot you can get your hands on!

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3.Smart Eggs

Saving the best for last, are the awesome Smart Eggs for only 10k gold! The Smart Egg has a higher chance of hatching Legendary Philippine dragons, like the Sar! The egg is only available until August 15 so don’t wait up for it, and buy as many as you can right now.


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Those are some of the best things you can get playing Everwing with Smart Mobile Data. You’re probably already excited to start playing and grabbing these awesome bonuses. Accessing them is simple. All you gotta do in order to get these awesome features is to play the game with Smart Mobile Data, best done through GIGASURF 50 by texting GIGA50 to 9999! GIGASURF 50 gets you 1GB of mobile data plus unlimited texting to all networks!

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