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The apps with useful offline features

The apps with useful offline features

Published on July 31, 2017

You know what’s the hottest trend to hit mobile Internet apps? It’s their offline features! That may sounds silly, I know, but more and more apps have been adding offline features in order to help them be usable even without data connection. Here are some of the most useful offline features that’ll help you in a pinch.

1.Google Chrome

Google Chrome can download web pages for later web reading. Thanks toits offline feature, you can just load some of your favorite pages into your phone and have up again anytime, even when your Internet is down. You won’t even have to worry much about the page getting updated because it will be updated in the background once you connect to theinternet. By the time you load it up while you’re offline then, the page will be updated. You can find out more I did on an article on web browsers here.




2. Google Maps

You may think that you constantly need GPS in order to get any use out of Google Maps, but that isn’t true at all. Google Maps has features to help you out while you’re offline. For directions, you can get them while online and save them on your phone for offline use, along with step-by-step instructions. For those who just want to view a general area, you can hold an area in the map and it will be saved on to your phone.

Maps 2


3. Facebook

Facebook has a couple of features great for offline social media. For one,you can start posting a status, photo, or video, even when offline. Not to mention Facebook Free Data Mode. After that, it will automatically be uploaded once you gain access to the Internet again.You can also save Facebook posts on your account, which you can check out while offline.



4. Dropbox

The most important offline features of Dropbox is, the ability to access your files in the cloud. Thanks to Dropbox’s offline access feature, you can read your files whenever you need to. You just need to make the files available offline. This will also allow you to edit your files while offline, and let you save all revisions once you go back online.You can also share your files by generating shareable links.Because of these, Dropbox is a must have app for people on go.


Dropbox 1

So those were some of my favorite apps with offline features. What’s important about offline features is that they let you use the app, while helping you save on data and battery. Hoping more apps incorporate offline features too.

Marty the Smarty