Mobile Legends: The New Best Competitive Mobile Game

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Mobile Legends: The New Best Competitive Mobile Game

If you aren’t playing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang yet, here are 6 reasons you should

If you aren’t playing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang yet, here are 6 reasons you should

Published on July 18, 2017

Mobile Legends: Bang bang is the latest in a long list of awesome Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games the big difference for this one is that you can play this one on your phone.  Full on 5v5 matches with simple, but memorable maps, this MOBAs isworth your time. With over 60 million downloadsall over the world most of you are probably already playing this game by now. If you aren’t, here are 5 reasons why you should.

1. Quick Matches

A drawback in a lot of games DotA or LoL is that they’re time consuming. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, since it means long and fun matches.However for a casual player on the go, it can be a bit of a drag. Mobile Legends boasts 10-second matchmaking and 10 minute matches. This means that you can load up and play a quick game any time without having to worrytoo much about the time. Perfect for a casual gamer.




2. Two Fingers to Play

As a game that’s on mobile, it has a lot of simple controls. You’ll have a button for movement on the left and skill buttons on the right.You’ll be a master at these controls in no time. Not to mention, the fine aiming of the game is done for you,thanks to auto-locking. This means you can focus on using skills and attacking enemies without worrying about missing on them.



3.Play to Win


A worry people have with online mobile games is that they tend to be a pay-to-win system, which means you’d have to drop in real money to make your characters stronger. That’s not how it is with Mobile Legends. In this game, you have characters that everyone else can use and victories are all won through skill and teamwork.




4. Offline Help

Sometimes while playing, stuff happens and you get disconnected from a match. This isn’t a problem when playing Mobile Legends. With the reconnection system you’ll be back in the game in no time. While you’re gone, a bot will also takeover for you, to support your teammates so they won’t be in trouble.



5. Regular Tournaments


This is a big draw to players interested in winning big and becoming pro gamers. In Mobile Legends, tournaments and rankings are regular.You’ll always be able to find out how good you are versus other players. Not to mention when playing in a team, you’ll be able to play with other very skilled players. Thanks to these tournaments and their prizes, pros will be very interested in a game like this.



6. Fun and Interesting Characters

The most important part of any video game is definitely the characters. Mobile Legends has a huge number of fun characters you can choose to play as. You can be Alucard a Demon Hunter who wields a cool sword, or villainess Alice Queen of the Apocalypse, or Bruno a cyborg football player from the future, or even Lapu-Lapu!


So here are 6 reasons to play Mobile Legends if you haven’t started playing. Maybe these are enough to get you to start playing. So don’t wait up and try it out!I may see you in a match!

Marty the Smarty