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Everwing-ing It!

Tips and tricks to being the best at Everwing

Tips and tricks to being the best at Everwing

Published on July 13, 2017

Ever since Messenger games were released, one game has been getting the biggest craze of them all. I know that you all know what I what I’m talking about, it’s the game that is in all of your group chats and game invites. Yes, it’s Everwing. Chances are,you are already playing this game non-stop. If you haven’t yet, then you should!Check out some of my tips to being the best Everwing player out of all your friends.

Include a brief background about the game, what one can do – normal play, boss raids, quest; and intro to characters and sidekicks, on what they can do.

1. Always do Challenges as soon as possible.

Challenge missions are every day and let you get small, but helpful daily rewards. Before anything always finish the current challenge mission to help you get that extra bit of rewards. Lily is a very solid choice for these kinds of things.


Everwing 1


2. Better with friends

Now since it’s a Messenger game, it’s better with friends. Instead of just playing alone, what you should always do is open the game on a group chat, with other people who play Everwing, and go crazy from there. With this method you’ll get the best prizes. You can even invite your friends to help you out during raid bosses for even bigger rewards!


Everwing 2


3. Unlock all the fairies

Different fairies are good for different things, so upgrade and use them wisely. Sophia, for example, is good for quests; while Lenore is good for active battles. Also note that Lily gives twice the amount of Gold. Lenore is my personal favorite because she has two lives, which is extra helpful for boss battles and a lot other situations.


Everwing 3


4. Make use of dragons

Dragons have a really huge effect on the game, so it’s smart to use them as much as you can. This includes buying as many eggs. Don’t worry about duplicates because you’ll need those duplicates to evolve your dragons! Preferably you want duplicate dragons to have the same zodiac sign for an even bigger boost! You can unlock a ton of dragons in raid bosses. Don’t underestimate common dragons though, while their powers aren’t as flashy, common dragons tend to be more damage oriented than the legendary ones. So when getting ready to face raid bosses, it’s great to have your common dragons around.


Everwing 4

5. Raid Bosses

The best part of the game for me is all the raid bosses. Raid bosses change every week so you wanna beat them as soon as possible! By beating bosses you have an even bigger chance to get rare dragons. Take note the best way to beat them is damage dragons, getting help from your friends, and using Lenore for all that extra life. With these strategies in mind you’ll be the best Everwing player around!



Everwing 5


6. Questing Strategies

Going on quests is another excellent aspect of the game that leaves no time wasted and no fairy idle! You can send fairies you’re not currently equipped with on quests, together with 2 dragons, and they’ll complete it after a set amount of time. The stronger the fairy, the better the quest reward! Your strategy should be while you’re currently playing, send in your less powerful fairies on short and quick quests. When you’re expecting a lull of not playing, like before you sleep or when you go to work, send in your best fairy out!


Everwing 6

7. Watch your data!

Now how about a good ‘ol Marty the Smarty data saving tip? When you first start playing Everwing, it’s gonna consume 10MB to save the game to your phone. Not to fear though, once that first download is done, the game will only use up 200KB to 1MB of data an hour!

Everwing 7

Those are my tips to becoming the top of the game at Everwing! If you haven’t been playing yet, now’s your chance to get on the craze with these tips too!

Marty the Smarty