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Facebook keeps getting bigger by doing what everyone is doing

Facebook keeps getting bigger by doing what everyone is doing

Published on June 8, 2017

Facebook many say began the social media craze. Hardly anyone remembers Friendster or Multiply or that Facebook was really just a simplified version of those two websites. It’s been 13 years and Facebook is bigger than ever before. With almost 2 billion users, Facebook doesn’t seem to have any plans of stopping. It’s gotten bigger by absorbing, replicating, or even combining services of other websites and apps. Here are some of the services Facebook has copied.


When you’re not using a certain app turn it off! Background apps tend to use a lot of energy, especially when there is a large number of them running. So to avoid this always close apps and use ones you really need.




Yahoo! Messenger

Back in the early 2000s Yahoo! Messenger was the instant messaging service. It helped that it used Yahoo!, the email service everyone was using. But in 2008 Facebook introduced their instant messaging service. With this you could message all your Facebook friends easily, which was usually a larger number of people than your Y!M contacts. So once Facebook messenger got bigger, Y!M died out.



Two features that Facebook copied from Twitter were hashtagging and verified accounts. Both were exactly the same as the ones found on Twitter with hashtagging being that clickable word we love and the blue verified check or celebrity or official business accounts. Hashtagging never caught on Facebook itself but, it’s found life in Facebook’s instant posting with Instagram.



If you’ve liked any pages of sports teams you’ll be happy to know Facebook has easily one stopped and added a feature way back that lets you know the details of any game your team is on. It can even tell you the time left or quarter, the schedule of the next game, and the final score. This features was taken from ESPN and other sports websites, but with the benefit of only seeing teams you follow.



Facebook let your spending habits go crazy with its buy and sell features. The first one was the Facebook Group’s Buy and Sell feature which allows you to see prices and message directly the sellers. You can join groups for specific interests and even search for specific things you need to buy. Another feature is ads below videos which tell you which products were used in the ad, letting you easily purchase them.



Thanks to companies, restaurants, stores, using Facebook pages to advertise getting details on a service has now become so much easier with their Facebook including so many features. Like when a store is open, what time they close, how many people have checked in there, where are they located, and even what rating they have. Here users can share their experiences and give 1 – 5 stars depending on how well it went. So all you need to know about a place is as easy as checking its Facebook page.


Facebook keeps getting bigger, adding more and more convenient services. Things that we wanted to do on various different websites we can now do through Facebook. There seems to be no limit to what Facebook can do. Maybe some day we’ll also see ride sharing or a dating service through Facebook? Who knows? We’ll see.

Marty the Smarty