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Something Phishy

What is Phishing and how can I avoid it?

What is Phishing and how can I avoid it?

Published on June 7, 2017

Have you heard of phishing? No it’s not a method of obtaining aquatic creatures through use of bait, a line or a net. The phishing I’m talking about is the kind hackers use.

Phishing comes from the word phishing because it too uses bait. Phishing is a method hackers use to obtain your personal information. They do this by disguising web pages as websites you trust, like Google for example. First thing they do is pose as your friends’ email or messaging accounts and that friend sends you a link. Then they pose their websites as the login page of sites when you click on the link so you put in your account’s information, once you enter this information, the hackers learn it and can use it for malicious reasons.

The latest phishing scam: WannaCry


So you’re probably wondering, what are the ways you can avoid this method of hacking? Here are some of my tips:

Check With Friends

Okay so a friend messaged you or sent you an email asking you to click a link. First things first is to check if the person really did send you that message. If it was from an email you can ask them via instant messaging if they really did send that email. This can help them too because they’ll find out if their email has been compromised. If it was sent via instant messaging, converse with friend to see if it really is them. A malware bot won’t sound like your friend.

Check the eMail/Link

Look at the link. If it’s not a secure link that starts with https:// then you probably should pause before you click it or enter your account info. Also never download attached files from suspicious sources. Look carefully at the site’s features. Sometimes the logo is off or in an image form that doesn’t look like it usually looks. These are big flags that something is up. Another huge tell is if the grammar in the email/message is weird.

Note the generic eMail and suspicious link.

Never Enter Personal Information

Banks or other such services will rarely if ever ask you for your personal or financial info via email. Sometimes you’ll be directed to a pop up link asking for your information. This is a big tell that it’s not the real service asking for your information.




If you follow these simple tips, you’ll keep your data safe. Remember think before you click!

Marty the Smarty