Fight the Power(loss)


Fight the Power(loss)

Tips for keeping your battery life strong while on data

Tips for keeping your battery life strong while on data

Published on June 5, 2017

Mobile data is pretty great. Even without a wifi signal you can access the unlimited power of the internet. Sadly what doesn’t have unlimited power is your cellphone’s battery. The biggest drawback of mobile data is that it expends more power than usual for your phone. But check out my tips for extending your phone’s power while on mobile data!

Turn Off Apps You're Not Using

When you’re not using a certain app turn it off! Background apps tend to use a lot of energy, especially when there is a large number of them running. So to avoid this always close apps and use ones you really need.




Manage Notifications

Whenever you get a notification the screen lights up, even when you’re not using your phone. So to save power only turn on notifications that you’re really gonna need.


Use Lite Apps

Particularly browser based versions of websites and apps. For more info check out my article here. These use less power since you’re using either a less power heavy app or just a browser.


Ringtone & Vibrate

Speaking of notifications, you might also wanna adjust your settings for ringing and vibrating. Both options are pretty power consuming whenever you get a call or text. But understandably if you wanna stay updated you have to keep at least one on. So either silent your phone or switch it to ring only without vibrating.



Get A Data Saver App

A data tracking or saving app is best because it restricts the amount of background data your phone expends. It’ll also help with the part about managing notifications from apps that expend background data. Good apps to use for this are Opera Max and Onavo! Both are available for iOS and Android.



Now those are my tips for saving battery as well some tricks to save data. So hopefully these help for those long commutes through PH traffic!

Marty the Smarty