Bot Uprising Part 2


Bot Uprising Part 2

Check out these cool brands Messenger bots to make your life easier

Check out these cool brands Messenger bots to make your life easier

Published on May 30, 2017

Sometimes the best way to get your services done and get the answers to your specific needs faster and more efficiently is online. With the growing visibility of various Chatbots that are easily accessible from Facebook Messenger webpage or app, you’ll be making friends with bots in no time!

Smart Communications

With Smart’s bot you can check out all the latest call, text, and data promos. You can even check out your prepaid balance real easy. Finally the bot can even look at your postpaid account to check up on your postpaid bill! Wow this bot is really helpful for managing your account!



The top news agency has the chatbot set up to message you the top stories of the day, every day when you subscribe. You can even ask it to send you top stories on topics on specify or Editor’s Picks for some particularly interesting stories and articles!




This sports news group has a chatbot that’ll set you up with all the latest news on your favorite sports teams. It’ll regularly update you on your teams per game and other important events. Just select which teams you want follow and TheScore will do the rest!

the score


This travel buddy is particularly great. Without leaving your newsfeed you can look for flights and hotels with the best prices. All you’ll need to share is the destination and travel date, then voila! Kayak’s got your back.


The bot uprising doesn’t sound so bad now does it? Try out these convenient bots, just on Messenger or the Facebook web page!

Marty the Smarty