Data Saving While Web Surfing


Data Saving While Web Surfing

Mobile Browsers that will help you save your data.

Mobile Browsers that will help you save your data.

Published on May 2, 2017

A lot of browsers have unique features that allow you to level up your internet surfing experience. Each browser has strengths and weaknesses that vary depending on your needs. However a lot of these features happen to consume a lot of data. For example, Reader Mode in Safari has a tendency to download whole files, thus consuming extra amounts of data. If you’re more liberal with your data use it’s not a big problem, but if you’re the type to want to conserve data then you might want to explore using a different kind of browser.

Remember when I talked about Data Compression? Well, there are browsers available now that can allow you to conserve, load pages faster without affecting the way you surf. There are two apps that come to mind, both available on iOS and Android: Opera Mini and Google Chrome.


Opera Mini compresses data, tells you how much data is consumed and better yet, even tells how much data was saved. It has two modes. High is for 60-70% compression, and if you really wanna save data there’s Extreme for 90% compression. If you want to be even more detailed you can adjust the settings for image quality, text wrapping, etc. These help the amount of compressed data. Opera Mini is great if you want to save data, but still have a quality browsing experience tailored to your preferences.


Google Chrome is another great app and chances are if you’re using an Android phone it’s probably already installed. Chrome has a Data Saver feature which compresses all necessary parts of a web page like the layout and such, and doesn’t load things too data heavy like videos or images unless you choose to.It’s incredibly simple to use, just go to Settings, then Data Saver, and switch it on. It’s that simple! Not to mention Google Chrome has a lot of additional compatibility with most other Google Apps, meaning that it doesn’t cost extra data to use apps like Google Drive or Google Maps versus if you used another browser along with the Google apps.


Now those are my choices for data saving browsers! Have fun surfing the internet without having to break your data promo!

Marty the Smarty