Siri, Google Now, and now Bixby!


Siri, Google Now, and now Bixby!

How much data do these mobile assistants use?

How much data do these mobile assistants use?

Published on April 12, 2017

Mobile assistants are becoming the biggest thing these days! When Apple first rolled out Siri she was an object of praise and admiration. Imagine having a smart AI to help you with menial tasks.


The AI has become a mainstay in Apple’s products since iPhone 4S. Google followed suit last year with their own mobile assistant, Google Now. For Android users you can download Google Now at the Google Play Store if its not yet integrated in your phone.



Now even Samsung wants in on that action, getting Bixby out on their latest phone. It’s an exciting addition for Samsung users, especially considering Android’s customizability. Combining this with a Mobile Assistant gives you a whole new level of flexibility.

Let’s go back to Siri for a moment. Siri is an interesting Assistant thanks especially to its clever voice recognition and interpretation. It’s more than a search engine or scheduling device, it learns from you the more you use it! The question is though, how much data does it use?

Ars Technica noted that Siri used an average of 63KB per task or question. Continued use of around 20 tasks a day will likely consume 1.2MB. That’s not a lot considering how helpful it is!



Google Now uses a bit less data. A task is known to consume around 33KB. This is great considering it incorporates Google Search into its systems as well. The drawback is that it’s less versatile than Siri, limited mostly in part to the Pixel Phone’s systems.

This brings us to Samsung’s mobile assistant on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+: Bixby. Bixby can do all the basic voice recognition and interaction, but it adds something the other 2 don’t: screen interaction. Bixby, unlike Siri and Google Now, knows what’s on the screen and incorporates the camera with Bixby Visual. Bixby can your camera to search location, shopping nearby, give you details, and even extract text for you to copy and save.



No word on how much data it uses, but right now it’s looks worth any amount of data consumption! You can read more about Bixby and the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ here.

Marty the Smarty