Live Streaming On Mobile Data


Live Streaming On Mobile Data

How much data does live streaming use?

How much data does live streaming use?

Published on April 7, 2017

When it comes to events that happen in your day-to-day life, sometimes taking videos isn’t enough. Sure you can video a cool event and then upload it to Facebook a few hours later when the wi-fi is faster, but sometimes you want to share the experience instantly.

These days, it’s not enough to just record what’s happening. You need to livestream it too!

Two of the best tools for livestreaming are Periscope and Facebook Live. But how much data does each app use?

Krisha De did a test on it here and found that the Facebook app uses 16.2 MB per minute while Periscope uses 5.7 MB per minute.

Both apps have their advantages. Periscope uses less data and can be connected to other social media apps like Twitter. So if you’re aiming for a faster stream and want to hit different social media sites Periscope is for you!


Facebook uses more data but lets you reach a wider audience, and has the benefit of sending your friends notifications when you go live! Not to mention you’ll get a feel of everyone’s reactions thanks to Facebook’s reacts. So if you want to gauge reactions and really inform people when you’re streaming, use Facebook!



For Facebook Page users there’s third option! Facebook has an app called Facebook Page that lets you manage your FB Page from there. So if you’re livestreaming from that app you actually consume less data at 5.3 MB per minute. So if you want your fans to be informed, use Pages. However this is if you have a Facebook page. For those who don’t, it’s best to stick to Facebook!

So now, whenever you witness something cool happening don’t be afraid of  draining your data, because now you know which app to use and when!

Marty the Smarty