Five World Events You Shouldn't Miss This Year

by Smart Infinity | Jun 07, 2018

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer,” goes the popular saying—and it’s true! Flying to new locations gives you the chance to discover a wide spectrum of cultures and pastimes, allowing you to create lifelong memories from new, meaningful experiences.

Whether you’re a sports buff, a culture enthusiast or a festival junkie, Smart Infinity and Emirates Airlines can fuel your need to explore and take you to the world’s most anticipated events with its latest travel promo!

1. FIFA World Cup 2018 (Moscow, June-July 2018)

The FIFA World Cup is arguably the greatest sporting event in the world—certainly the most watched. The global tournament, which takes place every four years, gathers billions of people from different nations in support of their favorite teams and players.

This year, the excitement goes to Moscow where over 30 countries will vie for the coveted World Cup trophy. If you want to feel the thrill of The Beautiful Game and the adrenaline of being in a massive stadium filled to capacity with raging fans, you definitely wouldn’t want to miss out as the World Cup is never without spectacle and controversy.

Now is the perfect time for those die-hard football fans time to book that ticket to Russia!

2. Tomorrowland (Belgium, July 2018)

If you think Coachella or Lollapalooza are your been-there-done-that kind of music festivals, then you should take this year as an opportunity to drop by the millennium’s definitive electronic dance fest.

Dubbed as the greatest rave party of the world, Tomorrowland is among a growing number of live dance events topping every music junkie’s bucket list. Its spectacle performances have redefined the electronic dance scene by bringing together a theme park, food exhibition, and unique cultural spin all into one—making it the grand celebration it’s renowned for today.

With its attendees skyrocketing to the millions—over three times as much as when it first started in 2005—this year’s dance party is a must for music junkies and festival aficionados alike. Feel like dancing yet? Play your favorite EDM playlist and book your ticket to Belgium while you’re at it.

3. San Fermin Festival (Spain, July 2018)

Among Spain’s various summer festivities is the San Fermin Festival, which annually gathers millions of people to the vibrant city of Pamplona, Navarra to join the celebration of the feast day of its patron saint.

While the event has religious roots, it is popularly known for its ‘Running of the Bulls’ event, where residents and foreigners alike gather to race with local bulls along a 930-yard street course leading to the city’s bullring.

History buffs will surely relish joining in on this tradition as it gives them a view of Navarra’s old world charm and stunning heritage sites. Ready for a fiesta?

Prepare your bandanas and join in the fun in España!

4. Oktoberfest (Munich, September-October 2018)

The best beers, most delicious German food and colorful costumes – what other reason do you need to go to Munich for the Oktoberfest?

The undisputed and definitive beer festival in the world, Oktoberfest is easily one of the most visited gastronomic affairs— attracting millions from all over the world ready to indulge in rich brews and traditional German getups. The 2013 celebration was marked as the most historic iteration, setting a record high of over $90M worth of beer served throughout the month-long celebration.

Consider yourself to be a real beer connoisseur? Come on down to Munich, where the world’s best brews are waiting for you!

5. Diwali Festival (Delhi, October 2018)

If you love being immersed in new culture, the Diwali Festival in Delhi might just be what you’re looking for. Internationally known as the “Festival of Lights”, Diwali is India’s most revered holiday.

With people of different faiths gathering to the capital city to draw colorful illustrations on the ground and light lanterns to commemorate the spiritual victory of good over evil, this event is definitely a must-see for culture enthusiasts and travel photographers.

The festival’s bright lights and vivid hues make it the perfect addition to your collection of Instagram-perfect posts!


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