Experience GigaLife in 3 Steps: How to Subscribe to a Giga Promo Using Your Load Balance

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May 19, 2022

The GigaLife App is your gateway to your Smart digital lifestyle. Whether you are a student who needs mobile data for online classes, an entrepreneur who works from home, or you simply use data for mobile games and video streaming, GigaLife offers various data promos to cater to your specific needs. 

Load the app through Maya or your debit or credit card and subscribe to any promo offer using your Load balance in three easy steps.

How to Subscribe to a Promo / Convert Load Balance 

  1. From Quick View Screen or Home Screen, click your preferred promo

  2. Select your chosen denomination

  3. Click Subscribe to successfully register

Check out the various promos in the GigaLife app and choose which one suits you best. 

Avail of the GigaVideo promo to enjoy shared data and 1 GB of video every day to stream your favorite content. Level up with GigaVideo Pro to enjoy 3 GB of video every day plus shareable data. 

Stay in the loop and explore all the latest trends in social media through 1 GB of GigaStories per day. Move it up a notch with GigaStories Pro and enjoy 3 GB of stories every day plus shareable data.

For students, entrepreneurs, and mobile gamers, click on the More Giga option to avail of any of the following: Study, Study Pro, Work, Work Pro, Games, and Games Pro. 

Lastly, have more flexibility with the All Data Offers, which gives you shareable data for all sites. Enjoy no expiry data for all sites with Magic Data. You can also avail of Unli-5G Data, which is exclusive for 5G-certified devices in 5G locations.

With the GigaLife app, there’s a promo for everyone. Choose the one that’s right for you and enjoy more rewards with GigaPoints every time you load or subscribe.