What is Giga Power: The Power to Do It All

  • Prepaid
Apr 01, 2022

Giga Power is Smart’s most value-packed and flexible data offer that empowers prepaid subscribers to really do it all by giving access to all their favorite apps and covering all their online needs.

Subscribers can use Giga Power to go online for work or school, stream videos, and music, tune in to their favorite content creators, play the latest mobile games, upload, and share content on social media, and constantly stay in touch with their loved ones.

Prepaid subscribers can register to Giga Power via the GigaLife app.

What are the offers?

Here are the offers you can avail with Giga Power.

How can you avail of the offer?

You can subscribe to Giga Power through the GigaLife app.

1. Open the GigaLife App and choose Giga Power.

How to avail of Giga Power step 1.

2. Choose your preferred Giga Power offer.

How to avail of Giga Power step 2.

3. Press subscribe.

How to avail of Giga Power step 3.

4. You’re now subscribed to Giga Power!

How to avail of Giga Power step 4.

I have the GigaLife App installed but why are the offers not available in the menu?

As this is a new offer release, you will be able to see Giga Power through the most updated GigaLife app version released in the App Store or Google Play Store.

Android and IOS devices have an auto-update function that automatically prompts an app update notification once the latest version is available.

If you don’t receive an update notification, you can manually update your GigaLife app by going to the App Store or Google Play Store. Search for the GigaLife App and select UPDATE.