In today's fast moving, globalized world, enterprise needs to be mobile and flexible, or risk getting left behind by faster, more agile competitors. Smart Enterprises' Business Solutions give our clients the mobile telecommunications edge they need to remain competitive in the modern business landscape. Our Business Solutions are built on the very latest technology, designed specifically to address the unique requirements of enterprise users. Watch as your business evolves with the help of Smart Enterprise Business Solutions today!

Machine to Machine and Internet of Things


This solution replaces old pen-and-paper on-field data gathering with Digital Forms. It enables businesses of all kinds with the ability to create and customize forms based on specific requirements. It is a synergy of web-based and mobile applications, mobile devices, and Smart’s strong data connections.


SOS Dispatch

An end-to-end public safety and emergency response system designed to efficiently record, dispatch, and monitor incidents reported to an organization's emergency response desk while keeping concerned first responders connected througout the emergency response process, all in near-real time.

Smart Tracker

A solution that utilizes GPS tracking system to enable users to monitor their vehicle/field force personnel’s location in real time. This solution will help businesses increase operational efficiency and ensure asset security.

Digital Solutions

Tack This! Concierge

A Managed Online Store Solution that enables Enterprise Customers to quickly establish Internet Business Presence via Online Retailing, complete with Payment Gateway and Delivery Services.

Takatack Rewards

Takatack is the Philippines’ largest online marketplace, with over 150,000 products. Takatack’s Rewards program provides the ability to credit your employees’ e-Wallets in real-time. These credits may be used to purchase anything on Takatack.

Safezone (Freenet)

Whitelist applications or domain for mobile data service access. End user will be able to access your mobile application/website free of charge, even without a subscribed data plan. Enterprise to shoulder data usage for consumers accessing their app.


Push one-way SMS messages to a targeted recipients using Smart’s opted-in subscriber base. Profile by Location, Value, Handset Profile, and Audience Segment.

Smart Solutions

Smart Messaging Suite

A full-featured web-based messaging platform that aims to cater to your organization's communication channel needs.

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Smart Bizload

It is a web-based credit loading portal for Smart/TNT prepaid services and easily lets companies load and manage budgeted mobile credits to employee’s accounts.

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