Smart Bro Enterprise provides corporations with reliable high-speed internet connectivity. Offers mobile broadband service with its flexible and affordable internet connection via Smart's GPRS, 3GS and HSPA technology.

Smart Long Term Evolution (LTE), the latest in wireless technology, boosts your mobile broadband experience and surf the web at blazing speeds up to 42Mbps.

Smart TD LTE

Get ready for faster LTE!

Faster and more reliable LTE with our Fixed Wireless TD-LTE. Delivers steady and robust internet connectivity to remote areas that fixed or wired facilities cannot reach.

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Plug-it & Pocket Wifi

Increase productivity with Smart Bro’s ultra-fast data speed.

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iPad Bundles

Get an iPad Air or iPad mini powered by Smart Bro postpaid SIM..

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Share your data while on the road.

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LTE Router

Share and enjoy ultra-fast connectivity with Smart Bro LTE Router.

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Tablet Bundles

More possibilities on the go with a Samsung Tablet.

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Travel WiFi

WiFi your world.

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