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Smart Rewards Terms and Conditions

The Rewards Program ("Program"), which allows subscribers to redeem points accumulated through specified transactions of their Accounts, shall be governed by the following Terms, including any amendment available at the following websites:


In these Terms:

"Account" refers to the individual SMART POSTPAID, SMART PREPAID, SMART Bro MOBILEINFINITY or TALK 'N TEXT Account eligible to the Program as specified in these Terms.

"Mechanics" refers to the Program mechanics detailed in the Communication Materials.

"Notification" refers to status updates, confirmation messages, error messages, announcements or advisories pertaining to the Account’s transactions or SMART rewards program.

"Partner Merchant" refers to the Partner Merchants offering discounts and/or free items to a Registered Account under the Program.

"Points" refer to the Points earned through usage of the Account as specified in these Terms and Mechanics.

"Registered Account" refers to an Account registered in the Program.

"Rewards" refers to the goods and services described in the Communication Materials.

"Communication Materials" refers to materials such as the Rewards flyers, Partner Merchant catalog, the Program websites (SMART: smart.com.ph/rewards, Talk ‘N Text: talkntext.com.ph/panalorewards, Smart Infinity: rewards.smart.com.ph/infinity), etc. containing a list of available Rewards, discount coupons, and Program mechanics.

"SMART" refers to SMART Communications, Inc. and SMART Broadband, Inc.

"Subscriber" refers to the Account holder on record.

1. Eligibility and Registration

1.1. The Program is open to individual Account holders of Smart Postpaid, Smart Prepaid, Smart Bro Mobile Prepaid, Smart Bro Mobile Postpaid, Infinity and/or Talk 'N Text.

1.2. By registering in the Program the Subscriber agrees, warrants and represents that all the personal information provided by the Subscriber is true, correct and complete.

1.3. By registering in the Program, the Subscriber agrees, allows and consents that SMART will send SMS notifications and/or other forms of communication.

2. Accumulation of Points

2.1. Only registered Accounts will earn Points as defined in the Mechanics.

2.2. Accumulation of Points is governed by the Mechanics stated in the SMART website.

2.3. SMART reserves the right to initiate programs for Points-generation subject to these Terms and, unless otherwise stated, to the Terms and Conditions of each program.

2.4 Transfer of SMART Points from a permanently disconnected Account is not allowed.

3. Validity of Points

3.1. Points are treated as a conditional reward wherein the allocation of the points is provided for use only when:

a. Account transactions are within the transaction defined by the Mechanics and these Terms and Conditions

b. Points are redeemed within the redemption period as defined in item 3.4.

3.2. SMART reserves the right to delete any points that do not meet the conditions above.

3.3. Points shall expire as defined in the Mechanics.

3.4. SMART may, at its own discretion, inform the Subscriber of the status of their Points. It is the responsibility of the Subscriber to keep track of earned Points as detailed in 3.1. and the expiration of such Points as detailed in the Mechanics

3.5. SMART reserves the right to suspend or exclude Subscribers from the Program if:

a. In the opinion of SMART, the Subscriber has breached the Terms or the Terms and Conditions of their Account.

b. In the opinion of SMART, the Subscriber uses his Account not in accordance and with the nature and intent of The Program, such as but not limited to misrepresentation.

3.6. Permanent deactivation of a Subscriber’s Account will forfeit all earned Points of the Account. In case of a re-activation of a permanently deactivated Account, accumulation of Points will start from zero (0) and the Subscriber must register anew in the Program.

3.7. All acts of fraud and abuse relating to the earning and/or use of Points in the Program may result in the forfeiture of Points without prejudice to other right which SMART may have.

3.8. SMART reserves the right to settle any disputes concerning eligibility to the Program, Points earning and redemption, and other aspects of the Program at its own discretion.

4. Redemption of Points

4.1. SMART periodically will issue Communication Materials detailing the Mechanics for item redemptions and other information about the Program.

4.2. Points can only be used to redeem items indicated in the Communication Materials.

4.3. Points are non-convertible to cash but may be used to redeem items and/or services in the Communication Materials.

4.4. Redemption requests, once received by SMART, cannot be cancelled.

5. Redemption Options

5.1. For Mobile Rewards, each brand will offer their respective set of voice, text, internet promos, and bill rebates, as options for the Subscriber to choose from.

5.2 Lifestyle Rewards may be in various forms such as (but not limited to) discounts or free items/services from Partner Merchants, media content and the like.

5.3 Rewards for Exclusive Events may be in form of event discounts, raffle entries and/or free event invitations. These will run a limited time period only as it applies in a specific event only.

5.4 SMART reserves the right to provide recommendations to subscribers based on their Points balance and/or brand and subscriber preference.

5.5 SMART reserves the right to establish partnership with individual partners, indirect aggregators and/or loyalty aggregators.

5.6 Lifestyle Reward options may vary according to the subscriber’s status in the network.

6. Participating Programs

6.1. Points can be converted or redeemed into other benefits in participating programs specified in the Rewards Collaterals.

6.2. Participating Rewards Benefits are not exchangeable, refundable or redeemable for cash or credit under any circumstances and are subject to the Terms and Conditions as may be prescribed by the issuer of the same.

7. Disclaimers

7.1. SMART has taken and will take reasonable care to ensure that any information it publishes in relation to Rewards Program is accurate. All descriptions of Rewards in the Communication Materials and other Rewards Program offerings are based on information provided by suppliers.

7.2. Items photographed in the Communication Materials may differ slightly in visual color from the actual items.

8. Personal Information and Broadcast Messages

Subscriber agrees and consents to the disclosure to third parties and the processing, either by SMART or by third parties on behalf of SMART, of personal information and data, including sensitive personal information, traffic and billing data for marketing and other purposes. Subscriber acknowledges and agrees that SMART may send commercial and promotional advertisements, surveys, and other broadcast push messages.

Specifically, Subscriber agrees and consents that SMART and its affiliates may use Subscriber personal information and data to:

a. Manage Subscriber Account, carry out customer-care activities and train staff, including monitoring calls, emails or text messages that Subscriber send to SMART;

b. Monitor the quality and security of the network and test and maintain SMART’s IT systems;

c. Analyze Subscriber use of the services for marketing purposes, including, but not limited to, the calls and messages the Subscriber sends and receives, and Subscriber location at the time these communications take place, as well as Subscriber browsing history and use of SMART websites;

d. Send to the emergency services (if Subscriber makes an emergency call), including Subscriber approximate location;

e. Contact the Subscriber with marketing messages such as commercial and promotional advertisements, surveys, and other broadcast messages, which may include marketing from other organizations and third parties, if Subscriber has no express written objection.

f. SMART does not include Subscriber details in any directory or directory-enquiry service. If Subscriber wants to have a Subscriber information included in these services, Subscriber should contact SMART.

If Subscriber does not want that personal information and data to be disclosed to third parties, or to the processing of the same or to receive marketing messages and other messages from SMART or from other organizations, Subscriber must immediately deactivate the Registered Account. More details on how SMART use personal information and data of the Subscriber are available on the privacy policy on the SMART website.