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Smart Freedom Plan


Smart Freedom Plan Terms and Conditions

1) The Smart Postpaid Freedom Plan (the “Plan”) is available to the following postpaid subscriptions: 
(a) New Connect subscription without lock-in period;
(b) Switchers from other networks without lock-in period; and 
(c) Existing Smart subscribers availing of an additional line without lock-in period.

2) A subscriber of the Plan must submit ONLY one (1) Service Application Form. The subscriber on record who availed of the SIM Only Plan is accountable for the POSTPAID MIN and shall be the only one allowed to transact for the POSTPAID MIN (in case of the SIM Only Plan).

3) A non-refundable fee will be required from the subscriber to process his application. 

4) The ownership of the POSTPAID MIN availed under the Service is non-transferable.

5) ALL lost SIMs under the Plan must be reported immediately to the Smart Customer Hotline (632) 888-1111 from a landline or *888 from any SMART mobile phone.

6) Upon declaration of a lost POSTPAID SIM, the old SIM will be deactivated and the subscriber will be given a replacement SIM with the same POSTPAID MIN. SIM replacement will be charged a processing fee.

7) The POSTPAID MIN will be redirected due to non-payment or when the subscriber exceeds the credit limit. During the period of redirection, the applicable fees and charges for each POSTPAID MIN shall still be charged to their corresponding account. If the redirected POSTPAID MIN subsequently becomes disconnected, the corresponding pre-termination fee shall apply.

8) The subscriber needs to perform outgoing transactions (e.g. calls, texts, mobile internet) to prevent the MIN from being disconnected. When the MIN has zero (0) outgoing transactions for 270 days, this will lead to the disconnection of the MIN. The subscriber will not be able to reconnect once the MIN has been disconnected and the POSTPAID MIN may be re-assigned to new Smart subscribers.

9) Upon approval of the application, the subscriber on record shall select from the usage buckets available under the Plan. The Subscriber has the flexibility to change the buckets on a monthly basis. 

10) A monthly Online Billing statement will be sent to the subscriber’s nominated email address. 

11) ALL inquiries on the Plan must be coursed through the SMART Postpaid Hotline (632) 888-1111 from a landline or *888 from any Smart mobile phone.