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eStatement Service Terms and Conditions for SMART Postpaid Subscribers

The provision for the SMART Electronic Statement (SMART eStatement) shall be governed by the following Terms and Conditions:

1. SMART eStatement or Electronic Statement is a service that allows a SMART Postpaid subscriber to enroll his account to receive an electronic copy of his billing statement in a protected file or any format prescribed by SMART at its own discretion through his registered e-mail address in My.SMART http://www.smart.com.ph/connect. Sending of electronic bill will start on the next billing cycle.

2. All SMART GSM and BRO individual postpaid subscribers have the option to enroll in SMART eStatement. A subscriber can enroll each of his postpaid accounts to SMART eStatement provided that each subscription has a corresponding account registered in My Smart.

3. By applying in SMART eStatement, subscriber is waiving his rights to receive printed bills via courier if he is qualified for bill printing suppression based on criteria set by SMART.

4. Enrollment to the SMART eStatement service shall be the responsibility of the subscriber and it has to be performed via My Smart.

5. SMART eStatement will provide an electronic copy/softcopy of the billing statement to the subscriber’s authenticated e-mail address once a month following the account’s billing cycle every time a new bill becomes available. Subscriber may view the online copy of the eStatement via My Smart

6. Subscriber shall use his My Smart account password to access the electronic copy of subscriber’s billing statement sent to his email address.

7. It is the responsibility of the subscriber to make sure that his enrolled email address and mobile number are active to ensure that e-mail and SMS notifications are delivered to him.

8. Subscriber shall be responsible in safeguarding his My Smart account. He will be responsible in protecting his username, password and other account information.

9. Subscriber shall be responsible in ensuring that the computer he uses to access his My Smart account is free from malicious software, which can collect account information and details to be used to perform unauthorized transactions. He should exercise discretion in accessing his My Smart account on public venues, e.g. Internet Cafés, personal laptop on unsecured public WiFi, etc

10. My Smart will only store the online version of the subscriber’s billing statements up to the last twelve (12) months and it is therefore the responsibility of the subscriber to save a copy of the bill for tracking or any other purposes.

11. Billing statement posted in My Smart or sent by SMART through the subscriber’s e-mail address and the SMART Fax-On-Demand service is a true copy and may be used as proof of billing when necessary.

12. Notwithstanding non-receipt of any billing notice via SMS or e-mail (due to any of these possible reasons but not limited to – full inbox, inactive, or closed online mailboxes, ISP-related errors or problems with the subscriber’s computer, mobile or Internet connection, etc.), it shall be the subscriber’s responsibility to inform himself of any amount payable and payment due date, through My Smart, Fax on Demand, mobile balance inquiry, hotline, or by visiting a SMART Wireless Center, and make the necessary settlement on or before due date to ensure continuous service.

13. Enrollment in SMART eStatement is free of charge and shall remain active and enforced except when SMART invokes its right to terminate the SMART eStatement service for any reason at its sole discretion. Subscriber will be notified of such termination.

14. Option for disenrollment from SMART eStatement service will be available via My Smart.

15. By enrolling in SMART eStatement subscribers agree to these Terms and Conditions and the Terms and Conditions of the My Smart service. In case of conflict between the Terms and Conditions of SMART eStatement and the Terms and Conditions of My Smart, the Terms and Conditions of SMART eStatement shall prevail.