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Find your Verification PIN

To find the Verification PIN sent to you via SMS on your Smart Bro device follow the easy steps below! 


Step 1 : Open Your Smart Bro User Panel by clicking the icon on your desktop

Step 2 : Look for Inbox, Messages or SMS

Step 3 : Find your PIN in the latest SMS


Step 1: Connect a gadget or PC to your Smart Bro Pocket WiFi

Step 2: Open a web browser and access your Device Settings page. Click here ( for ZTE, here ( or here ( for Huawei, or here ( for Alcatel. 

Step 3: To login for desktop, just type smartbro at the upper right corner of the screen. As for mobile (tablets and phones), type smartbro for both username and password.

Step 4: Now check the menu - this is on the left side of the interface - and search for the SMS function.

Step 5: Find your PIN in the latest SMS.


You can find the One Time Pin in your device’s messages or SMS app. 
If the WiFi device you are using is connected to a pocket WiFi, please follow the pocket WiFi instructions.