Dream Job unlocked in just a few taps

    Finding the perfect job… Now there’s an adventure.

    You’ve heard all the clichés and read all the memes – the do what you love and never work a day in your life types. But in reality how many times a day do you come across the hashtag #dreamjob?

    We want to land not just any job, but a job we love and enjoy doing. But where should we begin?

    Back in the day when our parents looked for work, they put on strict corporate attire and roamed from one office building to another while they distribute copies of a typewritten (gasp!) resume. Thankfully, in today’s world we can do all that networking online.

    LinkedIn has firmly established itself as the top social network for professionals in the world. It’s the simplest (if not the coolest), fuss-free and most efficient way to find relevant leads in your job search without even stepping out of your house. And like all other brilliant solutions of today’s digital world, LinkedIn has the answer to every job seeker’s prayer - a mobile app! So whether you’re a fresh grad or would simply like to explore if the grass is greener on the other side, seeking career opportunities takes only a few taps.

    So the first step on Project #dreamjob is to download the LinkedIn app on your cellphone and create your profile. As a Smart postpaid subscriber you are entitled to a 3months FREE Job Seeker Premium Plus subscription so make sure you avail of that to enjoy super perks like Featured Applicant status to help you stand out among other applicants. Don’t forget to also upload your best professional looking photo (Tip : a well taken photograph increases your chances of being found on LinkedIn 14x!) and build an engaging profile that communicates your skills, experiences and the unique value you’ll bring to your future employer.

    Done? That was easy. Now you’re officially a candidate on the LinkedIn network and you’re well on your way to landing the job you want.

    Good luck! Hope to see your first #ilovemyjob tweet real soon.

  • 26 Jul 2016

    Dream Job unlocked in just a few taps

    Posted on Jul 26, 2016

    Found that dream job yet? Explore careers opportunities while expanding your network the fastest way possible.

  • It’s been a couple of weeks since we relaunched our company logo, and the buzz surrounding it continues to persist. I still get PMs from friends who ask me questions about the relaunch. We’ve gotten our share of criticism too, and some comments have given us interesting food-for-thought. Our employees are excited about the change, and our new brand look is already being rolled out in various points-of-presence.

    What’s in a logo anyway?

    Why change?

    We posted in our website a brief explanation – read it here

    So instead of giving the same explanation, I thought it would be good to give you the short back story. It all started with the simple question :


    Smart has been the mobile leader for years now, but we knew it was time for an overhaul. There were things about our brand that needed to change to keep pace.

    And as we searched for answers on how to distill all that we wanted to do, it always went back to the question “WHY”, more specifically

    “Why does Smart exist?”

    The second question we needed to answer was

    “WHAT FOR?”

    We thought we could answer the question in a full-day workshop. But we had barely skinned the cat. So we talked again. And again – through emails, texts, Whatsapp and Viber conversations. We would pause in a middle of a meeting that reminded us of the “WHY” and the “WHAT”, and we would go off-tangent and discuss those questions again.

    And finally we arrived at the answers.

    Smart exists because it wants to make life BETTER for the Filipino. Full stop.

    We exist for the Filipino who wants to do more and be more, but can’t because of different barriers.

    For more than 20 years, Smart has always kept that in mind launching practical innovations aimed at making life better. But over the years, we realized that some of our systems, processes, and service experience haven’t been great. We studied the complaints of our customers and realized that we needed a major shift in the way we did things, if we wanted to stick to the core of our existence of making life better for Filipinos.

    This year, Smart is spending P45 Billion to improve its network. There are scores of people in the company who are tirelessly working in getting our services up-to-speed to achieve better Internet and service experience for our consumers. And no less than our Chairman MVP is leading the charge.

    Our logo reflects that commitment – the color speaks of rebirth and hearkens back to those days when our prepaid color was seen in every corner sari-sari store; its 3 blades symbolize the pillars of our existence – our Technology, our People, and our valued Customers; and our brand name is written in a friendly, almost handwritten, manner.

    It’s a whole new world, and we in Smart are passionate, and persistent, to make things better.

    Welcome Change.

  • 11 Jul 2016

    Changing for the Better

    Posted on Jul 11, 2016

    Welcome to #aNewDay. By now you’ve seen the logo transformation, and you may be wondering what the backstory of that logo change is. Ms. Kathy Carag, Head of the Smart Masterbrand, shares what this journey is all about.