This year's Festival of Smiles in Bacolod still has us smiling

by Rafa Lubigan | Nov 04, 2016
The Masskara Festival kept us smiling and so much more.

October might be famous for Octoberfests and many beer festivals but the best festival this month is Bacolod’s the Masskara Festival.

Masskara is a portmanteau for the words, “Mass,” which refers to the masses or the multitude of people, and, “Kara,” which is a Spanish word for the face. Simply put, the Masskara Festival is a festival that shows the, “face of the masses,” or more appropriately, “a multitude of smiling faces." Happiness is the main theme and all that is needed to enjoy the celebration is a smile.

The recently concluded Masskara Festival has got to be the happiest festival in the Philippines. Not only because there were smiling masks all over the city but also because of the activities that brought the festival to life. Touted by many as a foodies haven, Bacolod provided its visitors with must-try restaurants and dessert cafés such as Chicken House, Aboy’s, Calea, Felicia’s & Tiffany’s. Different tourist spots are also scattered inside and outside the city – from The Ruins in Talisay to Lakawon Island off the coast of Cadiz.

Through the years, the Masskara Festival has evolved and gone beyond the street dance competition, colorful masks, costumes and parades. Every year, more activities are attracting not only local tourists but foreign visitors as well.

This year, Smart has presented two of the much-awaited events at the festival – the floats and the rave party.

The Electrick Masskara Performing Floats Competition took place at the tourism strip last October 21. It featured vibrant, colorful and festive floats covered in neon lights and extravagant props created by the different barangays. The following day kept things exciting as the second leg of the competition featured the best performers. After the Electric Masskara Competition, the Masskarave Party commenced with DJ Ace Ramos, Nix Damn P! and MC Pao who performed and pumped up the crowd the whole night.

To top it all off, Smart also brought special offers to the City of Smiles such as the Starmobile Play Click phone for only 1288, Gigasurf for heavy data users, My Smart for managing your account & redeeming of perks and iflix for your video streaming. All these were made available to Smart subscribers to keep connected & have an exhilarating Masskara festival experience.

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