5 things to do on your dream destination

by Rafa Lubigan | Oct 28, 2016
Travelling? We got you covered.

So you just got off your plane, got your luggage after scouting for it, you just hailed a cab and now are about to enjoy in your dream destination! Months and months of planning, preparation and anticipation have all lead to this, but now you are off the plane and about to embark on your new journey as a tourist, whether by yourself, with your friends or family. We're sure you've sorted the basics like where you are going to stay, currency exchange rates and transfers and the likes. But here are 5 recommendations to kick-start things the right way!

1. Make an emergency plan.

It seems like common sense but make sure you research and learn emergency telephone numbers in your new country. Know where to go in case of illness (and how you're going to pay for healthcare). Keep in mind to separately allocate extra cash in case of emergencies. You need to be more prepared than usual in foreign territory.

2. Walk and explore.

We have a strong feeling that you’re excited to become acquainted with the train network of the country you’re visiting (if they do have one) and may have discovered the closest bus stop. But the best way to explore a new city is on foot. Try setting aside one day for your wanderlust and explorations on foot. It's okay to get lost and have your own personal adventure.

3. Don't forget to enjoy some 'ME time.'

Take some time to enjoy activities which you've always loved to do but don’t really have the time to – such as reading a book, going for a run or even some arts and crafts projects.

4. Be a tourist.

This is the chance of living the life you’ve always thought about! Do the touristy things you've always wanted to and make the most of it! Go up the Empire State Building, admire the Sydney Opera House, ogle at the Mona Lisa in the Louvre, and sample a local cuisine while you're at it.

5. Be sure to connect with your loved ones back at home.

Nothing beats sharing your happy moments with the people that you love. Now that you are settled in, it’s time to check in on your loved ones! You can do that with Chat Abroad,a data roaming service which allows Smart Prepaid subscribers to access chat applications such as Facebook Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, Line, WeChat and Telegram while roaming abroad in over 130 countries for only PHP 150/day. To start chatting with your friend and loved ones, register by dialing *133# when you’re abroad. Know more about the Chat Abroad service by going here.

Making the decision to travel is an enormous step. It's the perfect opportunity to explore the world, get to know another city, and foster your own independence. Travelling abroad will definitely be a challenge, but with the right planning it is completely possible and totally worth it. Follow these tips and you'll have a totally new life in an awesome country in no time.

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