Tips to best manage your load or data subscription

by Rafa Lubigan | Oct 14, 2016
Don't wait for that time you'll run out of credits to communicate with your loved one. Follow these simple and easy tips!

All of us are now on social media. We share Facebook posts and videos, we tweet our frustrations away, we share our best moments on Instagram. A world without social media is unbearable. But what’s more unbearable is when you don’t have the data to access your social media. So, Smart Subscriber, here are some tips to help you manage your load or data subscriptions.

For Smart Prepaid, to avoid unwanted mobile internet charges, Standard default rate for accessing the internet (the former P5 for 15 minutes) is no longer available starting September 15, 2016. That means that in case you leave your mobile internet connection turned on, your existing regular load won’t be deducted because of your apps running in the background. To go online, you just need to subscribe to one of Smart’s affordable data packages. This will address unintended use of regular load once your data subscription has expired or fully consumed.

Subscribers will also be alerted by Smart if they are not subscribed to a data package if they go online. Smart Prepaid subscribers will be notified and will experience the following:

· For subscribers using a BROWSER (http sites) to access the internet, connection will be routed to a paywall and receive an SMS notification if the account has insufficient balance, no data package and/or attempting to access sites outside their data package.

· For subscribers using an APP or BROWSER (https sites) to access the internet, SMS notification will be sent if account has insufficient balance, no data package and accessing site outside their data package.

No need to panic that your regular load will be used for data. Helpful, right? For a list of data packages, you can check it out here.

For Smart Bro Prepaid and TNT subscribers, ensure you keep within your mobile data budget with Load Protect, a special feature for that puts you in control of your mobile data usage.

Load Protect works like a safety net. When you subscribe to a data package, it monitors your usage and prevents you from accessing sites or apps that are not part of the data package you subscribed to. It also prevents you from going online once you’ve exceeded your package allocations. No unexpected load deductions.

To turn on Load Protect simply follow these simple instructions.

· For Smart Bro Prepaid, connect to the Internet with your Smart Bro account. Using your devices Internet browser, go to (access to the dashboard using Smart Bro is free). Click on ACCOUNT BALANCE and you will see the Load Protect on/off switch. Know more here.

· For TNT, text LOAD PROTECT ON or LOAD PROTECT OFF and send to 4545.

That’s it! To keep on telling and sharing your stories on social media, make sure that you keep these tips and tricks to better manage your data subscription or your load. Happy surfing!


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