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by Rafa Lubigan | Sep 30, 2016
Here's our take on the two, biggest photo-sharing apps stories feature.

Instagram and Snapchat, the two photo-sharing apps, have been battling it out, head to head, for quite some time now. Instagram’s newest feature, Stories, has made people which of the two apps are better. Here’s our take on it.

Creating stories

When you open Snapchat, you are directed to the camera. So, content creation is as simple as a tap on the camera button. In Instagram, you are directed to your feed instantly. You can easily create the Stories by tapping on the top-left corner of the app.

Viewing stories

Instagram’s stories can be viewed atop your main feed. These stories are arranged based on which friends are closest to you. Snapchat‘s Stories are now ranked chronologically with the most recent story at the top.

The difference here is how you navigate a story. In Instagram, while viewing a story, one can swipe left to watch the previous story or swipe right to view the next image. On Snapchat, tapping on the screen advances you to the next photo or video and the next story will automatically play after you view the last snap.

Who can view these?

The two apps pretty much have the same settings when it comes to privacy. On Snapchat, your choices are everyone or just your friends. On Instagram, Stories maintain the same privacy settings as your feed.

Doodles and emoji

Instagram's drawing tools are more state-of-the-art than Snapchat's. While Snapchat uses a slider tool to choose colors, Instagram lays out all the colors side by side at the bottom of your screen. There's also a nifty tool for changing the pen sizes. Instagram also offers three pen tools – the pen, the marker and the neon.

For emojis, Snapchat wins this. Instagram only allows you to add emoji via the text bar while Snapchat lets you add emoji anywhere on your image and for some videos. You can also create your own, customized emoji via Bitmoji and add it to your snaps.

Sending old photos

Snapchat and Instagram allows you to share old photos but in different ways. Instagram only allows you to share photos from the camera roll that were captured from 24 hours ago while Snapchat lets you share any photo that is saved on Memories.


The two apps let you start a conversation from a friend's story. On Snapchat, tap "chat" or swipe up on a story to start a conversation, while on Instagram you tap "send a message" or ... swipe up. Same, same.

The Verdict

When you put the two apps side by side, it becomes clearer that Instagram Stories is pretty similar to Snapchat Stories. Instagram shines because of its pens and its navigation options while Snapchat shines because of its multiple filters and emoji options. The final verdict? It all depends on you, Smart subscriber. Cast your vote by using your preferred app using Giga Surf or All-out Surf if you're prepaid.


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