Are you a chill introvert or an outgoing extrovert?

by Cris Partosa | Sep 07, 2016
Finding a venue to express yourself online, whether you are an introvert or an extrovert.

Sometimes even our closest friends have traits or interests that are very different from ours. Just like best friends, Summer and Anika. While Summer is the very sociable type, an extrovert, Anika is an introvert –reserved, calm and observant. It can, at times, be difficult for them to agree on an activity that they both want to do. Last weekend, after a few deliberations, they ended up going to the mall to watch a movie. Now this is a win-win for the two of them. Introverted Anika doesn’t need to mingle with people and can just focus on watching the movie while, Summer the extrovert, has the freedom to express herself through funny side comments to Anika.

After the movie, they saw the Smart Launchpad Upload Station and all the people happily lining up to broadcast their passions online. These two besties realized that despite their interesting differences, they are each talented in their own way and they both wished that the world could see the other’s potential. So they decided to sign up together and let their creativity flow!

Telltale signs

It’s easy to spot an extrovert, but how do you know if you’re an introvert? Check out some of the signs below:

1. You're uncomfortable at places with crowds such as rallies, big conferences, sports arenas etc
2. You’re great at performances, but don’t feel like mingling after the show.
3. You’re friends with extroverts. Surprise, opposites attract!
4. You prefer to write as a way to recharge or connect to yourself
5. You're decisive and tend to plan ahead so that everything runs smoothly

Unleashing your inner celebrity

Getting discovered seems like something only extroverts can do, but not anymore in this digital age! Now you can easily express your creativity or share your expertise in a blog, or a YouTube video, without feeling daunted by a large audience. Many YouTube stars started out with a simple smartphone video they made all alone in their homes. Also, your talent and hard work could find its way to one, two or even a million people who share the same passion. After all, we all have something special within. We just have to own it.

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